Mrs Meyers Lavender Bar Soap Review

When it comes to bath and body bar soap I choose to make my own, however this year my lavender plants did not provide me with an ample harvest so friends recommended that I buy and try Mrs. Meyers clean day aromatherapy hand and body bar. My friend told me that the lavender bar left their skin feeling silky soft and they recommended that I try it.

I shopped for this lavender soap online and did find it at amazon, but before buying it online I decided to shop locally at natural products and health shop and found this soap. The health store; Fox Farm offered two aromatherapy bath and body soaps; rosemary and lavender. I opted for the lavender soap.

Normally lavender soap is aromatic and fragrance intoxicating, not this soap and I thought it was odd that I could not smell the lavender when I pulled the soap out of the bag, then when I unwrapped it I noted No fragrance. How odd to print on the outside of the package that the soap was aromatherapy when the soap has a slight fragrance; if you put your nose next to the soap you can smell something, not sure what it is.

Know that the soap does produce a nice lather and it is very moisturizing, in fact I did not need to add coconut oil to my skin after my bath. Mrs. Meyers body soap left my skin feeling soft to the touch.


Will I buy the soap again? Probably not. But for those of you who like a moisturizing soap that leaves your skin feeling like silk then you may want to buy Mrs Meyers Clean Day Lavender soap.