As with any diet, a good multivitamin will ensure an individual is receiving all the nutrients necessary for healthy living. There are several types of multivitamins taken in managing cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed by the body to function properly, but too much cholesterol can clog up arteries which can level up thee risks of heart attacks and diseases. Cholesterol-lowering multivitamins are supplements you may have to take everyday.

Studies say that cholesterol-lowering multivitamins are effective ways in maintaining cholesterol levels. According to Dr. Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, niacin, a B vitamin, is also capable of reducing cholesterol. It works by lowering triglycerides and breaks down dense cholesterol deposits into lighter particles that can be flushed from the body. B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism. They also help in maintaining healthy skin, hair and muscle tone and also enhances immune and nervous system function.

Look for multivitamins that contain stanols, sterols or phytosterols, a soybean-based sterol that also lowers cholesterol. Multivitamins that contain higher doses of vitamin B should also be considered.
Centrum Cardio is a multivitamin that contains phytosterols and high levels of vitamins B6 and B12. Combined, these key ingredients promote heart health while lowering cholesterol by slowing down its production and reducing triglycerides.

Other companies also manufacture multivitamins for maintaining cholesterol levels. Specific multivitamins are given with consideration to gender, age and health problems. GNC makes a multivitamin for both men and women over age 50. Niacin is an ingredient in both Mega Men 50 Plus and Women’s Ultra Mega 50 Plus. Niacin is part of the vitamin B complex that can increase your HDL. Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems markets its Men’s One Multi multivitamin as protecting heart health. This multivitamin contains folic acid, which is also called vitamin B9 or folate. Multivitamins can be taken daily or followed by doctor¬ís prescription.