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Readers will get regular doses of useful ideas, videos, info graphics, news and more on this blog. Does anyone ever question how universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions should use social media? Students are everyday users, and overall lovers of social media. This blog is run by some of the graduate teachers and learners with a passion for educating and learning.

Studious Guy

For those people who have a love of reading, Studious Guy is a true blessing. This educational site aimed to provide the viewers’ knowledge about various topics, including Marketing, Human Resource and Common MBA Subjects that they want to study for their exams or any other interest. In addition, the content provided on this blog site is written by professionals in the respective subject.

The Innovative Educator

Established by Lisa Nielsen, who found school boring and that ticked her off so she became a public school teacher who works to help change that for others. Besides, Lisa Nielsen does this by getting and sharing innovative ways to get students ready for real-world success. Lisa began her career in the 90s as a librarian that was a just right fit allowing her to create a buzzing with d vibrant oasis in Harlem, where students can find their passions as well as get support from the community. She has been familiar for her work, receiving awards like “Teacher of the Year” by her district. In addition, Lisa has also been named one of the top 100 influential voices in the nation in education by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.

Virtual School Meanderings

This blog focuses on issues, which are distance education at the K-12 level, particularly the use of virtual and cyber schools. Besides, every blog post related K-12 distance education. Virtual School Meanderings has two purposes, the first one is to pass on all items related to K-12 distance education, specifically online learning, and the second one is to provide a space to play with ideas related to K-12 online learning in a non-academic way. However, the first purpose is completed by posting blogs from the different list serves and groups that the founder of the blog follows, newsletters the founder has subscribed to, alerts created, blogs the founder monitor, etc..

E-Learning Queen

This blog mainly focuses on distance education and training, right from instructional design to e-learning to mobile solutions. E-Learning Queen pays attention to psychological, cultural and social factors as well as emphasizes real-world e-learning issues with appropriate uses of rising technologies.

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