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Must Have Free Software Applications on Your Home PC

Nowadays, most of the computer sold in stores come with no software besides their operational system installed. While this is not an issue for more advanced users, many find it difficult to identify the best software applications on install on their new PC. To help out, here is my ultimate list with free software applications you absolutely must have installed on your home computer:

Google Chrome

Probably the very first software application you will need to install on your new computer is a web browser – Google Chrome is without doubt the most popular and versatile solution out there, so I strongly recommend installing it. If you are not a huge fan of Google, feel free to try the other browser available on your new PC – you can choose between Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, so whichever works best for you, set it up!


For me cCleaner is pretty much essential part of my computer’s setup and allows users to quickly identify & remove stored cache by internet pages, as well as the option to fix broken records in the system’s registry and manage the startup. If you have been using your personal computer for more than a month, just to browse the internet, running cCleaner just once will truly open your eyes to the amounts of cache kept on your PC and believe me the numbers can be pretty scary!

Avast Free Antivirus

Having antivirus software is pretty much essential these days and the best free application out there is Avast Free Antivirus. With the free account, you can provide really advanced protection for your system and rest assured that no harmful software will ever impact your experience. The Avast Free Antivirus updates on almost daily basis, so it covers even the most recent potential threats to your system.



How many times have you deleted files from your computer, just to realize that you weren’t supposed to do that? I bet you can recall many occasions and probably the worst thing of all is that almost all applications that can help you recover previously deleted files have pretty high price tags. Recuva is on its way to change this – you can easily recover the exact files you need with just one click. The best thing of all is that Recuva comes for free!


GOM Media Player


The GOM Media Player at least for me is the best video player out there and helps really easy provide the ultimate home cinema experience. It’s incredibly easy to deploy, the intuitive interface makes it really easy to configure and also the video decoder will help play virtually any video format out there! If for some reason, you can’t play the particular video file, you can easily convert it to more popular format with just few clicks.


Libre Office


We all know that the MS Office is quite expensive, but there are some really good free alternatives – Libre Office is the most popular one. It will allow you to handle pretty much all files created with MS Office, but it can experience difficulties with the most recent file formats. Still, if you don’t feel like spending few hundred dollars on office application, the Libre Office is exactly what you need!

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