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Must-Have Mobile Apps for Dog Owners

Dog – man’s best friend. Once he attaches to you, he becomes the most loyal living being you’ve ever met. Nothing can separate you two.

The dog cares about you and gives you all the attention you need, but can you say the same about yourself?

man and dogGood news is you can create a journal for your dog, entertain and take care of him in different ways by using some of the following mobile phone apps.

1. Guide to Dog Breeds

If you have a mixed breed dog, not sure which category your dog belongs to, prove a fact to all those know-it-alls or just eager to learn more about the dog world, this is the perfect app for you.

Guide to Dog Breeds app has a list of hundreds of dog species for you to look at, with images of each one. You can add your own notes, photos which can be included in further software updates. It’s like a pocket dog encyclopedia.

2. Pet Phone

This app is an agenda where you can keep records of your pet’s health with ease.

Simply synchronise Pet Phone with your calendar to get reminders of veterinary appointments, food choices, medications and allergies.

The app can also locate the nearest vet to your home and direct you to him.

3. Pet’s First Aid

Another useful app for tracking and resolving your pet’s health issues. This one provides detailed information, illustrations, videos and articles to help you take care of your dog.

The written documents and images include guides on how to deal with:

  • Giving medicine
  • CPR
  • Rescue breathing
  • Poisoning
  • Bleeding
  • Drowning
  • Restraining
  • Muzzling
  • Fractures and sprains
  • Bites and stings
  • Burns
  • Cold and heat injuries
  • And many more

4. Petoxins

You can’t always 24/7 observe your pet’s actions. We all know how animals tend to eat all kinds of stuff – dogs munching your slippers, eating your homework. Cats for example eat all sorts of plants and flowers in your garden.

This software tells you what vegetation to keep away from your pets. It shows the toxic plants you need to remove from your little friends’ sight in order to protect them from unwanted injuries. Possible symptoms like vomiting, hypersalivation and diarrhea are presented in every flower’s description.

5. Tagg

Dog owners will appreciate this one. It’s a GPS attachment for your pet’s collar. You set up boundaries and the app notifies you if your he crosses the lines.

6. MapMyDogwalk

Developer: Subaru. Enough said.

This app allows you to log you walks, to track calories and to save your favourite routes using GPS. The software keeps records of time, speed and distance covered.

7. GoFantastic

There are times when duty calls and keeps you separated from your pet. A business trip, extra hours at work, an important meeting – none of them can be cancelled.

During these troubled times you will need someone to take care of the dog the same way you do while at home. Have no fear for GoFantastic pet care app is here.

With this software you can book expert sitters to make sure of your dog’s well-being while you are gone.

8. Dog Tricks

Instead of spending countless amounts of money on trainers, you can teach your dog some simple tricks. The app offers tips on behaviour issues, basic commands, skills and games.

Dog Tricks features:

  • Photo section
  • Popular breeds section
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Built-in pictures
  • No Internet connection required

When your best friend is good enough and ready for a challenge, it’s time to show the world what a great teacher you are, the awesome tricks he can perform, perhaps even educate other people’s dogs.

9. Doggydatez

skyjack itYes, a special social platform for dog owners and their pets. And it’s a fun one too.

You are given the option to “mark your territory” in a 200m radius, see who’s also in this range and meet him if you’d like. You can sort people and their dogs by gender, breed, age etc.

Doggydatez features an interesting game called “Skyjack It!”. Read more here.

10. Barkcam

This is an app that helps you capture a good photo of your pet. The software includes multiple specific sounds to draw the attention of your pet to you, make him stay at one place in order to get the perfect picture.

Dog owners can apply quotes, stickers and meme text to the image and share it with friends directly from the app.

11. iCam

You can use this app as a pet surveillance cam while you are away. Record and playback videos to see the behaviour of your pet remotely. The app can be useful if you have recently moved to a new house. Watch your pet getting used to the new location for the first time while you are gone.

12. All Pets Radio

weatherpuppy app

The first ever radio app for pet lovers. It has an entertaining and educational program, animal news and shows for all animal admirers.

13. Weatherpuppy

It is always good to check the weather before taking your dog on an adventurous walk in the park.

The app shows more than a hundred very cute puppy photos depending on the weather type.

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