Must visit Parks on your Abu Dhabi holidays

Visiting Abu Dhabi is truly a magnificent experience for the first time travellers because of its pristine beaches, impressive sand dunes, luxurious life style, tall buildings and unvarying sunshine. Until the year 1950, Abu Dhabi was recognised as a small fishing village on the coastline until they found the enormous wealth of oil reserves. This has helped the city to transform its own destiny and soon became the inspiration for six of its other affluent and modern cities of UAE. Abu Dhabi now symbolizes a vibrant and sizzling society with rich infrastructure, strong economy and a high quality lifestyle. Nevertheless to say the Arabian hospitality combined with the beautiful palace-like shopping malls is a delight for the shopping enthusiasts.

The city boasts some of the most amazing beaches, parks and other popular attractions which are sure enough to hook the crowds from different parts of the globe.

Heritage village: This village stands first in every tourist’s itinerary of Abu Dhabi Holidays. Situated in the middle of the Abu Dhabi city, Heritage village is an ancient museum which would be a pleasant experience for the history buffs. The Dubai Heritage village is also referred to as Hatta village and is a clear recreation of a historic style mountain village which is set in an oasis. The village is surrounded by a tower and fort which leads to an overview of the entire place. It offers a sneak preview into the regions glorious historical past along with local Bedouin culture and lifestyle. The museum showcases an ancient irrigation system, courtyard houses and tents which are worth-watching. The heritage village of Dubai also signifies the Emirate’s maritime history, ancient architecture, pearl diving traditions. The people in Hatta village had diving as their main livelihood besides farming, blacksmith and dying clothes using vegetable colours.The heritage village is easily accessible via all the airports and don’t forget to compare cheap flights to book the best deals.

Jumeirah Beach Park: The Jumeirah beach park is a blend of natural beauty and man-made wonders making it a primary attraction throughout the year. The beach park is equipped with a barbeque table area making it easier for the meat lovers and also suitable for family picnics. The visitors can also avail the opportunity of swimming and sun bathe in this tranquil atmosphere along with their family. It is also favoured by the adventurous travellers who fancy water sports like kayaking, diving and snorkelling activities. The Al Raha beach hotel provides a 5 star hotel service and is easily accessible because of its location.

Khalifa Park:

Khalifa Park represents the most exciting, fun and entertaining indoor amusement park for all the natives of Abu Dhabi as well as foreign tourists who are on Abu Dhabi holidays. The Khalifa Park is located near to the Abu Dhabi airport and includes amazingly landscape of the entire park. The park also features a maritime museum, theme parks, meeting rooms, amphitheatre, party halls etc. The beach rotana hotel provides one of the best 5 star accomodation and makes your trip a complete enjoyment.

Al Mamzar Park: The Al Mamzar Park is one of the most visited beach parks in Abu dhabi and is located near to Hamriya Port. This makes the park more accessible for the foreign tourists who arrive from other coutries. The park is spread across an area of 106 hectares and offers different facilities like swimming pools, barbeque sites, lagoons, private chalets, food kiosks etc. The park is mostly suitable for family holidays because of its sheltered beaches, trains and childres play areas. The Emirates Palace hotel provides luxurious 5 star accomodation which is a perfect place for your honeymoon holidays.

Safa Park: The Ferris wheel in the Safa park offers the best view of the entire land-scaped park. This park stretches from Al Wasl road to Sheikh Zayed road and many of the local residents recognize this as a Jogging track. It is extremely popular among the tourists and residents and for the kids it is an ultimate enjoyment park. The park also comprises tennis courts, mini train for the children, trampolining etc. The Park has a lake where tourists can hire rowing boats and make it an adventurous trip.