Must visit places in Jordan

Discovering the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan comes as a nice breather from the other busiest holiday destinations. This place has once represented a battleground for some of the greatest empires in the world. Because of its strategic location most suitable for commercial trade, nations like Byzantine, Romans, Greeks, Persians and Nabataea’s all fought to conquer this historic land. These empires left behind remnants of their existence such as sandstone carvings, monument ruins etc. The country was an inspiration to the famous movie “Lawrence of Arabia” and was later developed into a major tourist destination. This country is unique when compared to some of its other neighbouring Arab nations. The men and women are treated at par unlike in Arab countries where you will see the male domination.

Jordan’s historic architecture and cultural monuments are the biggest attractions. One important aspect of Jordan is that the country allows the tourists to visit the historical remains of temples, towns and cities which were set up ages before Christ. If you are a lover of historic and ancient cultures, then you will surely enjoy this element. The country is surrounded by countries which some of the world’s oldest civilisations which date back to 9000 B.C. Jordan is ruled mainly by the Arabs starting from 626 AD and has always been the conquest of the region by the Christians and rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

Amman, the capital of Jordan is home to about one third of the nation’s population and is always buzzing with tourists. The construction of the buildings in Amman almost resembles Rome and they are built on seven hills thus making it the focal point of the city. The city is surrounded by beautiful mosques along with the newly constructed Kind Abdullah mosque being one of them. The Abu Darwish mosque is one of the main attractions because of its bizarre design covered in black and white chequered pattern. The amphitheatre which is found here is the biggest in the entire country and it has folklore and other popular museums.

The Hussein Sports cities, the pink rock fortress in Petra are must see attractions in your Jordan visit. The Wadi Rum area which is famous for its breath taking scenic view can mesmerize any visitor. Other must see destinations include are The Red Sea resort of Aqaba, the Sandstone mountains, the Roman city of Jerash popularly called as “Pompeii of the East”, the city of Umm Qais is also famous for its panoramic view of the Golan heights. To book your luxury holidays to Jordan, visit Mosaic Holidays, UK’s specialist Luxury holiday tour operator.