My 5 Favorite 80s Sitcoms

80s Sitcoms

To me, nothing brings back fonder memories than snuggling up on my couch and watching tv shows from the 80s. They were so very different from any shows that are on television these days. They are more wholesome, for sure. But also they seemed to be more meaningful and of a higher quality. I love so many shows from the 80s that it is hard to narrow it down, but here are my top 5 sitcoms.

Top 5 80s Sitcoms

  1. Full House gets the number one spot in my heart. Shows don’t come much more family friendly than that. I felt like I was a member of the Tanner family. I loved their morals and values. I loved the lessons learned in each episode. The humor was clean for the most part. I loved how Danny Tanner always showed his children unconditional love and rarely yelled. Full House gets picked on a lot but I think it will always be one of the best.
  2. Roseanne is pretty much the complete opposite of Full House as a family friendly show goes. Roseanne was full of crude humor, cuss words, controversial topics, yelling, fighting, etc. But that is why it gets my second spot. It really is more of a tie between Full House and Roseanne. Roseanne was and is the most realistic show ever made. The characters always had realistic situations and not every problem they had got solved in the 22 minute episode, just like life.
  3. The Facts of Life is another classic. Each episode taught you a great lesson with lots of love and laughs along the way. This show always made me want my parents to send me away to boarding school. I love how motherly Mrs. Garrett is and how different each of the girls are.
  4. The Cosby Show always made me laugh. Dr. Huxtable always taught his kids lessons in such unique and hilarious ways. The show touched on so many great topics and did it all with class.
  5. Growing Pains was another amazing 80s show that had to make the list. I loved the Seaver family. I loved how over the years it showed how mature Mike Seaver became and how he grew from an immature teenager to a mature adult.