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My Boss From Hell


For many years I was on my own, then wound up going in with a ‘batchmate’.  A Batchmate is someone who was in the same batch at University.

Now you’d think we are talking equals here.  Y’know, pals.  Nope.

My batchmate, a guy I somewhat ignored during my years at University was suddenly my Massa.

Now this guy would be lynched if he wasn’t Black.  I know he has Slave Owner genes which are rampant.  He treats his staff as if he has a bullwhip in his hand and knows how to use it.

At first he wasn’t too disgusting, but over time, y’know, familiarity breeds contempt.  He started to treat me as if he bought me at last weeks slave auction.

At first I was angry, stressed, ready to charge for murder.  Then, suddenly, I realised a few little points.

1. This is his business.  His name.  His responsibilities. His mistakes.

2.  I am being paid X dollars; that is underpaid.  I will do less work than I am being paid for.

3.  I have absolutely nothing to worry about before I walk in and after I walk out…no work to carry home, no responsibilities.

4. If anything goes wrong, his name is on the door.

As you can see, I began to restructure my ‘working world’.   I arrived on time, and took between 30 minutes and 1 hour to get to ‘his’ work.   I took my time.  Doing less and less each day.

Knowing he considered me a threat and a rival, (he had a diatribe in which he betrayed himself) I realised that he needed me a lot, since he has an exceptionally slow brain and isn’t too creative.

I began to see work as a kind of walking in the rain.  Sometimes, when you are hot, or there’s a drought, you want to walk in the rain.  If you can tell yourself you love the rain, then you won’t be upset when you get wet.

I cut my stress to zero.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter to me if/when/what.  I don’t care.  I am coming in at 9 and am leaving at 5.  I am going to lunch at 12 and not coming back until 1.

If I can cut out the ‘work’ part from 9:00 to 9:30 and from 4:30 to 5:00 then I a have a Six hour work day.  I steal thirty minutes or more more before lunch, thirty minutes or more after lunch.  My ‘work’ is now five hours a day, on my most ‘intense’ days.

As I am far better at everything than he is, whatever I do complete is beyond his ability, so he can’t complain much.  He tries to nit pick, makes an idiot out of himself, because I know that those aren’t nits.

I am always cheerful, he is almost always miserable.

So, working for the Boss from hell isn’t all that bad.

My Boss From Hell
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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