My Delicious Homemade Hamburger Recipe

My delicious Hamburger recipe

I have my own special way I like to make my barbecued hamburgers and thought I would share it with you as everyone that comes to my place and tries my burgers always raves about how great they taste.

This is an easy recipe and actually quite simple and straight forward. I probably only add a couple of different things than you might but just a couple of items can make a huge difference in taste.

I only barbecue burgers. I refuse to eat burgers if they are cooked another way. Hopefully you will be barbecuing these burgers yourself.

All measurements are approximate. I tend to be more of a free pourer than methodically measuring every single measurement. Everyone’s taste is different so you might want more or less of some of the ingredients in this recipe.

The Recipe’s ingredients

Depending on how many people you are cooking for will obviously dictate how much ground beef you will need. I usually use about a pound and half to two pounds when making burgers for two to four people. I don’t mind having leftovers or huge burgers.

What you will need for ingredients is 1 ½ pounds of ground beef. I like to use a lean not extra lean ground beef so the burgers don’t get to dry. My special secret (not so much anymore) ingredient is soft cheezies, you will want a couple of large handfuls for this recipe. 1 large egg. Worcestershire sauce.  Your favorite BBQ sauce, mine right now is a mesquite flavored sauce. Hot pepper sauce. Red onion. Black pepper. Kaiser buns. Lettuce. Tomato. Beer.

Let’s Make the Burgers

You will also need a large mixing bowl and clean hands.

  • Put the ground beef in the bowl.
  • Take your cheezies and crush them in your hands and put in bowl. The more you crush them the better.
  • Add your egg. No not the shell.
  • Take your Worcestershire sauce and give about four good shots of it into the mix
  • Pour about 4 to 5 tablespoons of BBQ sauce in.
  • Dice a small handful of red onion and throw that in too.
  • Hot pepper sauce is not to burn your mouth off but to add some zip to the burgers, give a couple or three shots of it into the bowl. Unless you like the heat then lay it on thick. I myself love the heat.
  • Few shakes of black pepper and your done.

That’s it for adding ingredients. Now take your nice clean hands and stick them into the bowl and start mixing and mashing everything together until you feel your ingredients are mixed as good as can be.

Using your hands grab enough mixture you think you need to form a burger and repeat until all used up.

Barbecuing the burgers

Now that you have your burgers formed and the BBQ fired up and ready to go grab that beer I had in the ingredients list and open it. Hold it up to your mouth and take a swig. Okay good job.

Head out to the BBQ with burgers, Barbecue sauce, cheese optional, beer, apron of course if needed. I like to throw caution to the wind and not adorn an apron myself.

When barbecuing your burgers let them cook without poking into the barbecue, let the juices stay in the burger. The juicer the better. Apply barbecue sauce (and cheese) when your burger has been flipped for the last time. Don’t forget to drink your beer while barbecuing your burgers.

The US Department of Agriculture recommends you cook a hamburger until the internal temperature is at least 160F or 71Celcius. That would be a well done burger. Of course you can do what you like. I prefer mine to be medium well done.

Now that you are done your hamburgers take them inside and put them in a bun with some lettuce and tomato.

Take a bite and enjoy!