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I am trying to setup multiple passive income streams. A lot of my passive income streams come by the way of photography. I submit my photography to multiple stock photography websites as well as write articles about my photographs.

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One of the places I came across is is a website where artist can submit their photographs and other art work and make money from sales. FineArtAmerica will allow the artist to set prices for their works. If you do the free account on you can upload 25 pieces of arts. After that you have to pay 30 dollars a year for a premium account.

I do like the fact that you can see how much your artwork has been viewed and it even shows the city of your latest views. Unfortunately there appear to be some bots running since you will get views from New York all the time as soon as your upload.

I have a free account right now. I have sold one piece of art for 11 dollars. I have maxed out the 25 free art works available on the free account. I am currently debating whether I want to pay the 30 dollars so I can upload additional pieces of art. The only thing holding me back right now is the fear that I wont sell any more art work and that I will have wasted 30 dollars for nothing.

FineArtAmerica will also submit your art work to Google Products which may help increase sales. You get a website as well if you purchase your account.

The way FineArtAmerica works is that you submit art and they print it for you. You can also opt in to sell the rights to your artwork for other uses. If you choose, you can have your artwork display on phone case, books, magazines and more.

I have only been a member at FineArtAmerica for a month or so. The sales are not incredible so far but I only have 25 pieces of art. I think I will probably purchase an account and then add a lot more artwork.

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