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My favorite hotels that accept dogs

Hotels that accept dogs with pleasure

It’s common that most of the hotels will not accept dogs or any kind of pets to stay in. It’s due the fact that other stay in people may feel uncomforted so they just wanted to keep the customers happy and do not ready to accept dogs.

Ok how hotels will charge you for allowing/accepting dogs?

Well its depends, normally including dog food hotels will charge you anywhere from $70 – $200. Before booking the hotels please do enquire about the same.

What hotels accept dogs?

Well in US I saw many hotels are pet friendly. Below listed are major hotels in US that accept dogs
Loews Annapolis Hotel
Annapolis, MD, US

Residence Inn Bethesda Downtown
Bethesda, MD, US

The Westin Annapolis
Annapolis, MD, US

Sheraton Annapolis Hotel
Annapolis, MD, US

Extended Stay America Annapolis-Academy
Annapolis, MD, US

In Canada I can recommend following hotels that accepts dogs without any problem

Huntingdon Hotel And Suites
Victoria, BC, CA

Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel and Marina
Victoria, BC, CA

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Lake Louise, AB, CA

Lake Louise Inn
Lake Louise, AB, CA

Tryp Quebec Hotel Pur
Quebec City, QC, CA

In Caribbean I recommend following dog accepted hotels to stay in

Me Cabo
Cabo San Lucas, MX

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino
Nassau, BS

Mexican Resort At Los Tules
Puerto Vallarta, MX

The Westin Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta, MX

Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino
San Juan, PR

Tips for long journeys and hotel stay with your dog

The holiday is coming up, and of course you do not want to let your dog or dogs at home alone. Most dogs love the car and have trouble ‘passengers’. Here are a few tips on how to make their four-legged friends, the journey as comfortable as possible:

Please remember that the dog before a long journey to settle urine and faeces must.

Give him something to drink before driving, and to eat only a little – about one-third the normal amount. There are dogs who can eat anything before a trip, but you must always find out ds again.

Drink can keep you up again, at least every two to three hours to allow the dog to stretch a little and come off.

On very long journeys, the dog needs about 4 to 5 hours some food. He will be calmer.

The behavior of dogs on the road is so different, like us humans. I have dogs that like to travel for their lives. They are completely one of the requirements. They are reduced to an absolute minimum. They drink less, eat and sleep next to nothing in the first place. Sino Sunny and I at that time coming from Germany – took a long time on the trip to the Costa Blanca, were still both very young when we called out the distance. Both were particularly exemplary in their behavior. When they were out of a textbook. Sunny was lying on my lap, he was only three months old and Sino lay in the back seat, when he was in a little over year and fell in the first place.

Two dogs, both hunting dog, full of wit and temperament were and did not prefer to walk than to swim, and play. But the behavior in the car was great. Neither the people nor stressful for the animals.

I am of course aware that not all dogs follow their example. Later, when I had more dogs or still have, I could quickly see the differences. Some can be quite annoying. There is then a matter of habit. Today, all my dogs absolutely ‘fit to travel.’ They have their big mattress in my car, but I reduce my luggage still like a little bit. They know and they know that if everyone can ride, then it goes on a long trip or traveling. This works very well.

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