My Ibiza Club Guide

For Ibiza virgins, your first visit to the White Isle may seem a little daunting. As a seasoned Ibiza clubber, I offer my views on some of the leading clubs on the island.


No clubbing holiday in Ibiza would be complete without a visit to Amnesia. Largely recognised as the quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience, Amnesia, and especially its Cream nights, are the stuff of legend. There are constant shuttles for big nights, transporting eager clubbers to Amnesia for free, so don’t get tricked into buying transport as an added extra. Also, don’t make the mistake of arriving too early. The night won’t really get going until at least 2am.

Amnesia was one of the founding fathers of the dance music phenomenon that began in the 1980s. Early inspiration for dance music culture was born within the walls of Amnesia, with its famous foam parties, spectacular pyrotechnics and its notorious ice canons. Nowadays, the world’s top DJs and dance music brands, such as Cream, are regularly hosted at Amnesia. This club is the holy grail for DJs: perform at Amnesia and you have officially made it.

Expect to pay up to 50 Euros in high season, and for special events and parties. Also, once inside you’re going to find the drinks a bit steep as well. 15 Euros or more for spirit and mixers, beers at 10 Euros, and water comes in at 8 Euros. Think you can just drink the bathroom tap water? Think again. The water gets turned off.

All of this aside, if you can negotiate the potential pitfalls to paradise, you are promised the ultimate clubbing experience. Amnesia guarantees an unforgettable night, which will undoubtedly carry right on through the next day.

C10 and Circo Loco

One of the newer names on the Ibiza scene, Circo Loco was formed by a band of hardcore ravers as a Monday morning session for those who just would not go to bed and stop dancing. It quickly rocketed in popularity, being the driving force behind one of the most iconic Ibiza clubs of the 00s, DC10. The club has launched some big names, battled against closures and legal issues and come back from the brink with more kick than a crazy mule.

DC10 has very limited opening times. Mondays from 4:30pm until 2am are the most popular sessions, with occasional Wednesday opening and Fridays from midnight until 6am. If you’re arriving in Ibiza on a Monday, get your Ibiza airport transfer from Holiday Taxis to ensure you get picked up quickly from the airport. A quick refresh and bag-dump at your accommodation, and you can be out and enjoying DC10 very soon after touching down on the White Isle.

Go with all your energy and enthusiasm about you. Fancy dress costumes, fun and games, silliness and a genuine party atmosphere are what you will find inside. Be prepared for a hedonistic rollercoaster of epic proportions. DC10 is the place for the serious Ibiza junkie.


Well-known as one of the ‘temples’ of contemporary dance music, Space is high on the list for top clubs to visit in Ibiza. There are, however, mixed reviews of the clubbing experience at Space. Though many praise the high quality house music on offer, others find it repetitive and report being bored relatively quickly. The club is also regularly overpacked, which may or may not bother you. It depends, I guess, very much on what sort of clubber you are. And don’t be surprised by drinks prices to match those of Amnesia. This is Ibiza, after all.


The world’s biggest club. Think of the biggest thing ever and double it. Yeah. It’s big. It’s seriously big. The main room itself is large enough to consume all the other clubs on the island in one gulping mouthful. Nom. Anything you thought you could ever expect from a clubbing experience is surpassed in Privilege, you will feel like Alice down the rabbit hole as you explore the never-ending facets that this superclub has to offer.

Privilege first shot to fame in the 1970s for its open-air parties, and having a swimming pool at the very core of the club. Since then, with Manumission, Privilege was integral to the Ibiza party revolution.

Like Amnesia, Privilege runs shuttles transporting clubbers to the venue, for free. Disco buses similarly run all night to take you back. Again, drinks prices are standard Ibiza. Save your pennies for the bar by booking your airport shuttle or private taxi transfer with Holiday Taxis, rather than risk being caught out when you arrive.


Those little red cherries that are the logo for Pacha are now synonymous with the club’s massive global recognition and popularity. Running since 1973, Pacha is the jewel in the crown of Ibiza’s clubbing heritage.

Pacha, as a brand, speaks of VIP, of bling and high end style. It is not just a clubbing brand. It has come to embody a whole lifestyle. Inside, expect an immense spectacle of room after room of glittering, opulent, exotic charm. If you have been to Ibiza, and haven’t clubbed in Pacha, people are basically going to think that there is something wrong with you.

Pacha prices are even higher than the usual. Expect to pay in excess of 60 Euros for some parties, and be sure to book ahead, because door prices are even more extortionate.