My Intermittent Fasting Experience with Fast-5

This is actually my second experiement with intermittent fasting. The first time was last year when I tried it for a few months then quit. When my oldest son turned 10 a few weeks ago I dived back into it and have really enjoyed it much more the second time around.

The basic premise of Fast-5 is that you choose one 5 hour window each day to eat and the rest of the 19 hours you fast. I have lost 10 lbs using this technique without really sacrificing my favorite high-fat foods.

I don’t use intermittent fasting or Fast-5 as a weight loss tool anymore. Instead I am using it as a powerful way to detoxify and cleanse my body over time. I plan to start trying to concieve again in the next 3-4 months, but am still breastfeeding my 15 month old son. So I need to cleanse now before my next pregnancy without cleansing so quickly that it affects my breastmilk.

I am also pre-diabetic so refraning from food for most of the day helps keep my blood sugar stablilized. I was quite surprised to find that I actually feel better when I am fasted than when I am well-fed. I used to love the feeling of a full stomach, now I look foward to when it is empty because my concentration and energy levels are higher.

I am using the eating window of 11 AM – 4 PM. I find this perfect because it allows me to eat both a lunch and an early dinner. I used to go with 10 AM – 3 PM but I found having such an empty stomach in the evening time was actually giving me insomnia. So now I am eating a bit later and I am getting better sleep.

One trick that has worked really well for me is to eat a high-fat low-sugar diet. Yes you read that right… a high fat diet really does work best. I did experiements with both low-fat and high-fat and when I eat more fat I actually eat less and feel more satisfied. The fat also helps me to feel better during my fast periods. I try to eat guacamole and coconut milk daily. The more fat the better.

I have also saved a bunch of money on groceries. I no longer eat breakfast or snacks so I eat a whole lot less. I used to graze all day, but no more. Now I am focused on what I am putting into my body.

Overall… I find intermittent fasting and the Fast-5 method to be perfect for me. There is no more counting calories, no more food restrictions. I just eat during my window and eat until full. I also recommend you read the Fast-5 book as it will help explain all the science behind it and how it all works. Seriously… if everyone ate this way… the obesity epidemic would be a thing of the past.