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My Link Building Technique to Rank a one month blog

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major topic of interest for Internet Marketers. If you are able to rank your website high up in Search Engines, you will certainly benefit from it. Since 90% of search traffic worldwide is covered by Google, ranking websites in Google could be great point of interest.

So I would like to discuss about my blog http://www.dipincome.com which I ranked in a month and started to get some good organic visitors.

Before you read this, let me show you which keywords I rank for :

‘backlinks in 2015’ – fifth in Google

‘easy backlinks 2015’ – first in Google

So what are my techniques that I used to rank the blog ?

Quality Contents

Check my page that ranks in the Google and you will find that the content is grammatically sound. The length of Article is more than 2000 words and this was the exact reason that helped to rank my blog post. Since my blog was new, I did not optimize it well enough, still I was able to rank the blog post. This is certainly a proof which says Google loves quality contents

Link Building

Despite of Panda, Penguin or a Hummingbird update, backlinking is still number one strategy in Search Engine Optimization. Don’t believe me, check it yourself.

1. Step one – Search for ‘click here’ in Google.

2. Step Two – Click on the first position result.

3. Step Three – Find the word ‘click here’ in result and you will not get anything. The first position result is adobe website which does not have the word mentioned in the search keyword. The website ranks because most of the websites in the internet asks to download adobe with a click here anchored text links. This is the main reason why adobe ranks for that keyword and which proves backlinks are still number one ranking factor.

However, you must be careful during link building and make sure the links that you make are as natural as possible. Follow these things to make sure you are not suspicious to Google.

1. Link Diversity – Do not just build links to your home page, be sure you make links to different pages in your website. You can prioritize the main page, however be sure to spread your afford to different pages.

2. Brand mentions – With the Humming Bird update, the link building strategy has changed wisely. Google loves brand mentions in anchor texts, so instead of just targeting your keywords in anchor texts, you can use brand names and complete website URI.

3. Anchor text variations – A natural links would not get similar anchor texts. Make sure you shuffle through different anchor texts and not only stick to one keyword.

Link Building Strategy

What Strategy do I used to build link that helped me ranked number one ? Actually these are my link building techniques.

1. Guest Post – Most essential ways to gain some decent backlinks and spreading brand name to the public. Guest post and you don’t just get backlinks, but find out some targeted visitors to your website.

2. Web2.0 sites – Impressive ways to get backlinks, build some web2.0 sites in your niche and take back links to your site.

3. Article Submissions, Forum, Blog comments – These are not high value links but a mass presence could make a notable change.


Backlinks still play vital roles in Search Engine Optimization, however there are different facts still need to be taken care of. Now with Google new mobile friendly algorithm which is scheduled just before the end of April, we need to consider optimizing website for mobile devices in order to get decent ranking.

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