My Love Story…. :) (Part 1)

Here is the first part of my love story…the ups and downs of my relationship…some sweet and sour moments….which I will never forget…..this is for my girlfriend …who made me what I am today….who was with me whenever I was depressed…whenever I was lonely…and I luv u for that AVVY….

It was 14th february,The Valentines Day . I was getting ready to meet my girlfriend Pari . Her father was an Army officer . I was to meet her in the Amritsar Army Cantt. Believe me that was the most beautiful place i had ever seen. I was waiting for her outside the gate . She came there with a friend of her . I dont know what was so special about her friend.She was so damn cute.I just couldnt stop looking at her.I guess Pari didnt noticed that.We were standing there and suddenly her friend said,’listen guys,i have to go.i have some work to do’. I found it a little wierd , ‘I guess she didn’t like my company’ i thought. She went away with Pari and still i couldn’t stop staring her.I went back home,but couldn’t let her go out of my mind…..

The next day I didn’t call my girlfriend….i was just thinking about AVVY…. They were good friends….every evening they used to go for a walk, and Pari used to call me up.’Obviously they both are togehter’,I thought.I dont know what happend to me and i said ‘Pari , I can’t be with you anymore.’…..

‘Are you serious? but why? what have i done now? ‘ she asked shockingly.

‘Nothing….its just that i like someone else and i dont want to cheat you. Listen Pari please dont make it difficult for me…its just that i love someone else. ‘

GO TO HELL !! was the reply …which was expected….

After five or ten minutes i got a call from Avvy….’what the hell do you think of yourself ? How could you do this to my friend ? I hate you for this … and dont you ever call her up again… ‘.she said with anger……

Listen Avvy…’I really love you’ that was the only thing i could say before she cut my call….

The next day I got a text from Avvy…..’hey…i am really sorry for what i did….i shouldn’t have spoken so badly….i was feeling guilty for what i did…I am sorry…..but it dosent mean that i wanna talk to you…tc ‘ ….

I was confused….why was she doing this….why was she apologising? it was not even her fault…..

In the evening i called her and proposed again…..and this time the answer was YES…i couldn’t believe it….I was feeling like the luckiest man in the world…but i was confused at the same time that how did it happen???

Everything was going good….i was in love……we both talked for hours….text each other every day…..we shared a great chemistry…and one day suddenly she said….’Madhur , i dont wanna be with you anymore’…..