News My tips for Starting out on Ebay

My tips for Starting out on Ebay


My tips for Selling on ebay:

So you want to set up an online buisness or want to sell a few things you own, Ebay is a perfect place to start. I am telling you, yes, there are fees for selling but I am going to tell you the best and cheapest ways to sell, Someone wrote to me saying:

I would like to start selling on eBay but I am a little confused,I have some items I would like to sell from £0.99.
According to my research if I want to sell for £0.99 Buy It Now
I have to pay to eBay £0.40 Insertion Fee,10% Final Value fee (£0.10)
I have to Pay to Paypal £0.20+3.4% (£0.23.33)
I have to pay for Post £0.46 (1st class stamp) + £0.10(Mail Lite Envelope)
In total it will cost me £1.29 (EXCLUDED Product Price)
Can You Please tell me how you sell for £0.99 & still save money
Regards ………….

These are the fees you have to pay setting up on ebay, although it may seem a bit daunting, I am telling you it isn’t as confusing as it sounds.

My reply to this person was:

Dear …………., when I sell things for 99p it is mainly for advertisement of other products.

If you are planning on the Buy it now option I recommend you sell multiple products of the same kind in one listing to save money. Presuming you only have one of each product, I advise you put your items in a 99p auction some people don’t know this but 99p starting auctions are free, with no insertation fee, I think this is best when starting out, as a good test for,
– how your product will sell
– is it worth selling
-and most importantly will I make a profit.

For you, take a sample of what you are selling and put it up for a 99p auction with a postage cost of 70p P+P price to cover postage and final fee leaving you, if it sells, with 77p.(excluding product cost).
The great thing about auctions is you can set them for one day, ( don’t waste time putting items for longer as the only time items usually show up in searchbars are at the start or end of an auction) and they get much more views which means better chance of sale.

The Advice I gave to this person Counts for everyone starting out.

My Advice to anyone starting out is to try a few free auctions as for most products you can up the P+P on the items, I think that DVDs have a maximum P+P cost of £3.

Other tips I can give that are pretty basic are:

-Have Clear Pictures

-Choose the right Catagory

-Have a detailed description

-Include Item Specifications

-Link to your other Auctions in your description

I hope these tips and advice help you when Starting out on Ebay, you can thank me when your a millionaire :).

My tips for Starting out on Ebay
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