My Top 5 Reasons for Riding a Bike at Sixty

During the first years of my college days my only mode of transportation was an old ten speed bike. It was great for getting around town, getting to work, and getting to class on time, the only down side was that it really sucked for dating. That was a long time ago, but I’ll never forget the feeling of freedom as I rode from here to there with the wind blowing in my face.

Over ten years ago, I renewed that youthful appreciation of the bike and started riding once again. Choosing to ride a bike was not an easy decision in that there were many other things pulling me in different directions for the use of my time. However, I do believe it was the right decision and has provided me with unknown and unseen benefits that have given my life a boost.

Little did I know that I’d be the benefactor of better health, a better frame of mind, and just a better way of life. The following are my top 5 reasons for staying on a bike at the age of sixty:

• No matter where we live, the scenery one gets to take in while riding is spectacular. Living in a rural area, we experience the sheer magnitude of endless rolling hills, wheat fields, all types of trees, flowers, and other beautiful things nature provides us. We see the wild animals in their own habitat and hear the birds singing all along the way. It’s difficult to go on a ride and not appreciate our surroundings more.

• In addition to its beauty, each ride offers its own challenges. At my age being able to easily stay balanced on my bike is a very rewarding thing. There are times I ride with no hands and consider it a great accomplishment even though others may think I’m showing off a bit. Furthermore, in our rural community we have hill after hill to conquer. Many times I’ve looked forward seeing a daunting hill to climb and find that with persistent peddling and sometimes a great deal of straining, that reaching the top is as exhilarating as getting a first place trophy.

• Another unforeseen benefit for me has been the healing of my knees. Playing basketball and other sports in my youth and well into my prime really raised havoc with my knees. For years I consumed anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the constant aching and pain found in my knees. I can’t explain why, but my knees have felt better over the past 10 years than they did the 20 years prior to that. I credit this directly to the non-evasive action of peddling on a regular basis.

• In addition to my knees feeling 100% better, I’ve found a great way to help me keep a decent waistline. When I ride regularly, I’m able to maintain my weight and waistline much easier than when I don’t. Now, lest I lead anyone astray, riding is only one part of the component, to keep that desired waistline one needs to make good choices and have a healthy nutritious diet as well.

• Finally, perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that my heart is healthy. At this time in my life, I don’t have to take blood pressure pills or any other medications to keep my body in balance. I feel much younger than my age and often receive compliments that I look much younger. Some may say its genetics, but I choose to think that it has something to do with tackling those hills one revolution at a time.

In a nutshell, the spectacular scenery, the challenge of each ride, better knees, a slimmer -trimmer me, and a heart of gold makes me want to ride, ride, ride. These 5 benefits of riding when you’re sixty are only a few of the massive rewards one receives by riding a bike. If you’re like me and enjoy a ride no matter where you’re at please check out our bike travel bags and find out how you can take your bike with you when traveling on business or pleasure.