Mylot shares money for forum participation

Are you a person helping many people regarding wide variety of problems? Are you an active member of a forum?

Do you love helping people regarding problems? If you are an active member of discussion boards, then try this for extra bucks.

Yes, make money by doing the same at mylot? You can earn a decent income for your participation. Here is the detailed review of the site.

Earlier we have discussed the idea of making money with questions and answers at webanswers. This works well for those who have an adsense account. But this is a forum that we are going to learn about which is very similar to the above mentioned site. You do not need an adsense account for earning royalties here.

When I was looking for the methods of earning money, then I found this site. This is much similar to a discussion board where people ask questions or queries in order to get their problem solved. It has many categories which makes you post in the particular section that you wish.

The minimum payout limit is 10$ and is made through PayPal. Here are the advantages and drawbacks
of using it.


1. As there are many categories, the chances of active participation is more. So, the opportunities of earning decent amount is high.

2. People who do not have adsense account(including the banned people) can earn money at mylot.

3. By making more number of friends, you build a community which is a great asset for blogger. This also increases the amount earned as the community will participate actively in the discussions started by you.

4. Active participation increases your income opportunities.


1. The site does not make you a great amount of money as webanswers or seekyt.

2. You can not earn a great income. A few extra bucks into your paypal account is possible.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Start your journey.


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