Mystery Shopping Near You?

Mystery shopping jobs to make money sounds interesting, intriguing and thrilling. I have pondered mystery shopping and even applied for a position online; only to find myself too far out in the woods with no fueling resources to do the online mystery job scene. Otherwise, I do not know much about this amazingly secret whodunit adventure with the exception of what I have read online. However, the job seems a simple enough procedure to be paid to do for various companies and enterprises near you.

It seems that there are many companies that want to know what things are like on a day-to-day basis with their individual outlets around the country. Since it must be difficult for such companies to know exactly how things are running in each of their outlets because as we all know; when the boss is around, everyone minds their Ps & Qs.

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This of course, is a natural reaction, since so many do want to keep their job, whether they are practicing standard protocol or not while working for any particular company. Generally, it is expected for employees to do their very best to follow all the rules of the company as well as practice courtesy, safety and dependability. This is especially true when you add in the human factor of those who do business with that company.

Somewhere, along the line, the company owner or manager got wise to those who did not follow the rules of a company or even took on the practice of courtesy, safety and dependability. Most likely, by playing the spy or secret shopper themselves, or perhaps taking a lead from a disgruntled customer according to the service they did receive or even hiring someone else to check things out by playing the part of a customer.

Mystery shopping or being a secret shopper for any particular company means that you work as a spy. Interesting concept in some ways I do think. There are various online mystery shopping sites. However, you do need to be careful about any online mystery shopping sites that you may choose to use to become a mystery shopper or a secret shopper.

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I looked into this myself as I think it would be fun to be paid for shopping or to get some type of free item for my time and effort. However, since I do live in a rural area it makes things a bit more difficult, since the closest place to go shopping is too far away that we do not generally go in that direction unless there is something that has to be done there. Therefore, even though being a mystery shopper sounds like interesting fun, it is not feasible for me to participate in. However, after spending about 30 years working with the public and in retail, you notice things that are not presentable.

For instance, if someone were to ask me about a mystery shopping adventure, I’d say they may want to send someone out to the local franchise rent-something-from-us-furniture-store and take a look at the throw rugs littering the building that are in wrinkles and has been so for months now. Even talking to the guy with the wall full of safety awards, thrice already, does not seem to make much difference. Those wrinkled rugs will eventually cause harm or injury and I am surprised it has not already happened.

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* Business & safety tip – If you already have carpeting in a furniture store, you really should display your throw rugs on hanging racks, why would anyone want to buy nasty old rugs everyone in the world has already walked over, even if they may go out for cleaning now and again? Hanging the rugs makes a much better and safer presentation for your potential clients, rather than possibly causing accidents and injuries to anyone who walks through the store.

** Personal Note: I’m curious how that fellow got all those safety awards to hang on an entire wall, by ignoring the safety potential of people on the other side of the counter.