News Name of Flowers List: Bluebonnets

Name of Flowers List: Bluebonnets


Bluebonnets are the much loved wildflowers of Texas and the name of flowers list include 6 varieties of the species. The list includes Annual Lupine (Lupine concinnus), Big Bend bluebonnet (Lupinus havardii), Perennial Bluebonnet (Lupinus perennis), Dune Bluebonnet (Lupinus plattensis), Sandyland Bluebonnet (Lupinus subcarnosus) and Texas bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis).

Of the six varieties only two are natural to Texas. Those two are the Texas bluebonnet and the Sandyland bluebonnet. Since 1971 the Texas bluebonnet is the state flower of the Texas. Prior to that date the honor went to the Sandyland bluebonnet but it is not as showy as the Texas bluebonnet and pressure led the state to change its choice to the Texas bluebonnet. Also note the Texas bluebonnet has the word “tex” in its biological name. The difference basically between the two is that the Texas bluebonnet has darker blue flowers which may be slightly bigger than the Sandyland variety and the Texas bluebonnet has a very strong intoxicating fragrance.

The other name of the flowers list are not endemic to the state of Texas and may even be rarely even found within the state. The Dune Bluebonnet is very uncommon and is only found in the extreme Northwest area of the Panhandle Plains region of the state. The Perennial bluebonnet is also uncommon and only found in the Southeast region of the state in the Big Thicket National Preserve and within Orange County in the state.

All of the bluebonnets of the names flowers list have some similarities. They are all the same genus, Lupine, they all have some shade of blue flowers with 5 petals, and they all have hairy stems. Some of the plants are taller than others, have more clusters of petals, and are brighter but they all have captured the hearts and imaginations of Texans everywhere. People have come to love the bluebonnet and you can find decorative bluebonnet merchandise everywhere. People have chinaware decorated with the traditional bluebonnets, along with towels, potholders and aprons adorning their kitchens. There are also all kinds of prints and photographs of fields of bluebonnets adorning people’s walls. Often people will purchase bluebonnet seeds to grown in their home gardens but they are extremely difficult to grow. It takes at least two years for the tough seeds to grow. They also need just the right amount of moisture and soil conditions to survive.

Every spring visitors flock to Texas to drive the back roads of Texas to enjoy the variety of wildflowers growing along the roadsides. With the help of the Texas Department of Transportation, who has planted many bluebonnets along the roadsides as part of their beautification project, the normally dry and dusty roads come alive with the vivid blue colors of the Texas bluebonnets.

Once you have seen one of the massive plantings of Texas bluebonnets they are sure to be one of your favorites in the name of flowers list that you would like to have in your own backyard garden.

Name of Flowers List: Bluebonnets
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