Narendra Modi's Personal Life is an Enigma

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Narendra Modi was a unknown man a decade and half back. He was a simple pracharak ( member and worker) of the Rashtriya Swayam Sewa Sangh( RSS) and nobody was interested in him and his life. In other words he was not ‘news worthy’. Times changed and Modi was catapulted as Chief Minister of the state of Gujerat. Modi now began to come in the limelight and the press and public began to take notice of him.

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In 2014 Modi was chosen to lead the BJP( Bharitiya Janta Party) a Hindu revivalist party and he made history by leading the party to a great win and an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha( Lower House of Parliament). Suddenly Modi came under scrutiny and reporters and public began to ask about his personal life. A leader in a public position and leading 1.2 bllion people is bound to be the subject of a scrutiny as far as his life is concerned including his personal life is concerned and obviously people were interested to know details about him.

A look at his personal life reveals some intriguing details and there are gaps that remain blank and people wonder what sort of leader Modi is. His personal life is still an enigma and nobody is the wiser about it. Modi seems to be a man who does not need a woman. This is an enigma as a man always ( unless there s a aberration) always needs a woman for sex and comfort. Unfortunately Modi who is 64 has no women in his life. This absence of any woman in his life is a mystery and the people and press are at a loss to know anything about it.

It appears Modi did marry a lady named Yashodabehn , about 40 years back, but he deserted her after 3 years and never met her again. But, here is the mystery: Modi never divorced his wife and the lady also never asked for a divorce. She worked as a teacher and retired with a small pension. In the meantime Modi also visited the USA and spent some years there, but no woman was part of his life there. Was he a woman hater ?

Modi shirked his responsibility to his wife and never gave her any maintenance. This is sad and Modi must tell all the reason for it, as it flouts the basic family law of India.

His behaviour after become Prime Minister is worse as he moves around in a Mercedes car while his wife travels in a rickshaw. Modi’s personal life is indeed an enigma.

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Narendra Modi's Personal Life is an Enigma, Seekyt
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