National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute was established in 1937. This organization supports and does research, as well as trains people and puts out information on the causes of cancer, how to prevent cancer, and how to treat it. The National Cancer Institute is part of the National Institutes of Health and falls under the purview of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Mission of the National Cancer Institute

The mission of the National Cancer Institute is to get rid of cancer related death and suffering by 2015. In order to do this, their researchers are working to totally join the discovery of new facts on cancer with the development of ways to prevent it and with new technologies to fight it and to make sure all of these are developed in order to be able to be used in clinical applications and public health programs to all cancer patients and those who need help with this devastating disease.

National Cancer Institute Supports Research in Cancer Data

The National Cancer Institute also has programs and partnerships to help it to do research, training and health care info dissemination, as well as other programs that are working on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancers. Much of this supported studies are done at the cellular level and every year they support more than 5,000 research projects to help find better ways to fight cancer.

These projects are chosen to be funded based on peer review and a process where experts in scientific research evaluate these new ideas and make their recommendations on which ones have the most value. The National Cancer Institute also gives their cancer scientists access to valuable research paraphernalia they can use for their studies such as genetic databases, tissue samples of cancer, tools for analyzing their findings, and statistics on cancer occurrences and deaths.

The National Cancer Institute also supports more than 1,300 research clinical tests and trials every year and helps more than 200,000 cancer patients. The data gleaned from these trials impacts the care of future cancer patients and helps them and their doctors make better decisions on how to conduct their treatment and recovery.

The National Cancer Institute also works with drug companies to promote the faster introduction of new cancer treatment drugs into the pipeline to get them to needy patients faster and more efficiently. As they do this, these new medications can help to save many lives of future cancer patients and thus get them close to their goal of getting rid of the suffering of cancer by the year 2015 as the National Cancer Institute desires.

National Cancer Institute Website Offers Assistance

If you desire more data on the things that the National Cancer Institute does, then they have a new public website available that anyone can access. Information about the National Cancer Institute’s research and how they operate and what they do can be found by going to their website.