National Customer Care Service Week Activities – Boosting Your Customer Care Personnel

National Customer Care Service Week Activities

While all employees in any given organization play an integral role in ensuring that the company’s operations run smoothly, customer care personnel play one of the most vital tasks. These are the people who talk to your customers daily and are left with the responsibility of handling sometimes difficult customer situations but are still expected to remain professional, courteous and friendly at all times. Through national customer care service week activities therefore the contribution of customer care personnel in a company get to be recognized with outstanding customer care employees rewarded for their exceptional work.

Rewards and Evaluation

Rewarding your customer care employees is one of the crucial exercises that ought to be included in the national customer care service week activities. This is usually the best way you can show your appreciation to competent employees and encourage the whole customer care service team to be at their best always. You can be a little more creative in choosing the rewards given like organizing for a short trip or a lunch out so try not to be very obvious when it comes to giving out gifts in order to make your employees be working hard eyeing the coveted ‘customer care employee of the year’ position, so to speak.

Equally important is evaluating the customer care services and checking if there are any areas that can be improved on. Remember that the essence of national customer care service week activities is to not only reward competent employees but to also generally improve the customer care services of your organization.


Organizing workshops will go a long way in making sure that your customer care staff work better the following year than they were previously. Dealing with customers can at times be stressful and very demanding hence if you do not have people who are up to the task; they can easily be overwhelmed by the responsibilities bestowed on their shoulders. Through workshops your customer care personnel will consequently learn how to deal with the challenges that come their way professionally, keep themselves motivated for work and generally maintain a positive attitude for work.

Tips in organizing the week’s activities

Considering that the company will be spending quite some money in financing these activities you sure want the impact of the national customer care service week activities to be felt by your customer care staff. To achieve this you will need to make proper plans. To start with it’s important that you come up with clear objectives that you want to achieve therefore will make customers experience an even better customer care service than they used to before. This will come in handy in helping you to choose relevant customer service related activities that will impact your employees positively.

Then see to it that you have different activities to be done each day to avoid boredom and keep your customer care staff fully engaged, thrilled and educated throughout the week.

However financing the national customer care service week activities can be somewhat financially draining for a company hence it’s necessary that you budget accordingly and engage in activities that the company can comfortably afford.