NattyShirts Custom Shirts Review

Two years ago I tested for the first time service custom dress shirt from . And can be summarized as follows: I had not been quite convinced of the result! Since a lot of things have changed and I wanted to make a new test. Compared to my first experience I took as its starting point the cabinet in which there is a guide of the different stages of creation, a bundle of some swathes and a meter.

custom dress shirts

Realization of the shirt:

I performed the measurement on a flat shirts that suits me best. I think that is the easiest solution. Sunny days arrive, I wanted blue, white and a touch of spring! I went on a fabric Zephir blue double twisted relatively thin (140s) with dark blue buttonholes for a little contrast and thick white mother of pearl buttons. Then the key to the season, I made the choice of an interior collar and cuffs Liberty.



I unbutton, I put on the shirt and I buttoned the buttons one by one. Pinned wrists seems ideal, he remains to direct me in the mirror and then I let out a big “YES!” The shirt really falls on the shoulders and torso. I waved his arms to see how I feel inside and I confirm the second point: despite the well curved cut shirt is comfortable, the proportions are perfect.


And always in terms of comfort, I feel it soft and light will be a joy to wear during the sunny days! You’ll understand that I’m much more excited about this new test: words “Tested & Approved!” I now look forward to going out with my new shirt and compose a small chic / printable to show you the results “live” 🙂 More on Natty Shirts