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Natural Alternatives for Fat Burners

You know what they say – if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Ever dreamed about eating all you want without getting fat? You probably did (as well as the rest of us). But, the ultimate dream is to eat and lose weight! Be careful, though there is food which can give your slow metabolism a boost and eliminate toxins, which will eventually make it easier for your body to lose weight, a few cups of slimming tea will not make up for days filled with junk food.



You know how you’ve been avoiding eating avocado because of its fat? Time to change your ways! It happens that fat in avocado is actually a triple-fat burner. Its fat plumps up cell membranes thus enabling them much better ‘interaction’ with fat-burning hormones. To make things even better, it switches off the body’s fat storage hormones. And as if it’s not enough, it boosts the metabolism.


Omega-3 is the base of salmon, and there are diets are literally built around it. Just like avocado, it might seem too fatty to be food connected with weight loss, but the kind of fat the salmon contains is not the one found in fast food. Wild salmon can help improve insulin sensitivity leading to shrinking fat from your waistline and activates the thyroid hormone which will speed up your metabolism.

Coconut Oil

Let’s continue bringing up food rich in fats, shall we? Coconut oil is full of fats which your body uses primarily for energy, and so they have less chance of ending up stored as fat in your body. You shouldn’t give up on other oils altogether. Use coconut oil for cooking and olive oil, for example, for salads and dressings.

Herbal Teas

The ‘weight loss power’ of green tea is well known, but there are more teas with the same effect which you could try out. You could try drinking black tea, special bland of slimming tea or oolong tea for a change. They will speed up your (once slow) metabolism and help your liver burn fat more effectively. You should try drinking more than four cups per day.


This is an incredible source of protein and it helps with carbohydrates processing, making it more effective. Besides, merely one cup satisfies about 35% of your iron needs as well. If you wish to keep protein diet, use lentils as a side dish. They are very rich in high fiber and it will keep you feel satisfied and full between meals. It also helps maintaining the fluctuation in blood sugar levels.

Whenever you can, make an effort and try to find fresh ingredients for your meals. If they are processed, they change and lose a lot of their initial fat-burning and antioxidant abilities. Do try to stay as close to nature as you possibly can, so try buying organic as well. Try to remember that these ingredients, fruits, vegetables and drinks are not magical and that you should try combine healthy foods with a healthy lifestyle for the best possible results.

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