Natural Asthma Remedies That Can Offer Relief

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Natural asthma remedies have been known to be very safe and they are also very effective as well. Having asthma is not easy, there are a lot of limitations for a person with this condition.Most people with asthma cannot take part in many activities or venture outside because of weather conditions.

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It can greatly effect children especially if they enjoy playing a particular sport which can bring on symptoms of this illness. Most people at all times have a inhaler near by, inhalers helps to deliver the medicine to the lungs and is needed if they experience a asthma attack.Keep reading to learn more about natural asthma remedies that you can do at home.

If you or anyone else smoke it is recommended that you quit or avoid cigarette smoke at all times, smoking can damage the lungs and trigger serious asthma attacks.To help prevent an attack it is recommended that you take an antacid before you go to bed.This is because acid reflux has been known to be one of the triggers.

It is also important to find out if you have any food allergies. Some asthmatics have allergic reactions to eggs, nuts, seafood and milk products.It is also advised to minimize the intake of salt in your diet.Fodd additives should also be avoided, especially for young children who get allergic reactions.Some of the common symptoms of this condition are shortness of breathe and coughing.

Here are some natural remedies for asthma that you can do from home. Lemon water can help relieve symptoms and should be taken after a meal. To minimize congestion at night you can boil honey with water and drink it before bed when it is cool.Turmeric is also an effective remedy, you can mix it with honey and consume it.

It is hard to say which remedy works the best as each individual is different.Try a few and see what results you get, all these treatments are safe to use and can be done while you are at home.

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Natural Asthma Remedies That Can Offer Relief, Seekyt
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