Natural Cure for Headache – Lemon Balm Tea

Over the weekend I painted the closet and then put down tile carpet and today I have a headache. I am not one to take medication for a headache as I prefer to remedy the pain and pressure with a natural herbal tea treatment.

cup-2176_640I grow medicinal herbs in my garden and went outdoors to see what I could use for a headache remedy. I decided to treat my headache with with a cup of infused lemon balm tea. I selected this herb because it relieves stress, anxiety and is great if you have problem sleeping.  Plus my friend told me that she had a headache and she infused lemon balm leaves in a disposable tea filter and used boiled bottle water to make the tea and it cured her headache.  I followed her tips and boiled bottle water for my cup of tea.  I added the freshly harvested lemon balm leaves to a paper disposable tea filter, then  poured the water into the cup.  After the tea steeped for five minutes I sipped the tea and it did relax and ease the pain that was associated with my headache.


You can also make this tea with loose leaves but you must strain them or remove them before drinking.

Know that lemon balm does not taste like lemon. Unlike other herbs it has a mild and pleasing taste. You can sweeten it with honey, add some chamomile leaves or cut a sprig of peppermint to infuse the tea for more flavor.

Do you make herbal tea from freshly harvested leaves? What is your favorite herbal tea?