Natural Products for Natural Beauty – Korean Style

While visiting South Korea recently, I noticed that many of the women and men have genuinely flawless skin. I realized that in part, this is due to their diet, which is very different than what we americans eat. I believe that the Koreans eat more for nutrition than for taste, and maybe this is why they are so slim. Koreans eat a lot of vegtables and fish, and their favorite is Kimchi. I tried it, it was different, but not unpleasant.
While shopping in Seoul, I decided to try some of their natural beauty products. I tried the Innisfree brand, now I am hooked on it. Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the island of Jeju. Jeju is the home of the four energies of pure nature, Clean, fresh air, Soft warm sunlight, Fertile, healthy soil
and Pollution-free pure water. Jeju is a volcanic island just off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula.
Some of ingredients used in the making of Innisfree products are Golden Olive, Jeju Seeweed, Berries, Jeju Camellia, Jeju Prickly Pear and Jeju Green Tea. Green tea is by far the most popular amongst all of the ingredients.

Some of the most popular products that Innisfree has are Green Tea Seed Serum
A moisturizing & nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju. Organic green tea grown in the Seogwang Tea Field in Jeju is the major ingredient in Innisfree Green Tea Line. Soybean firming serum, an enriched firming serum made with fermented green soy beans promotes skin resilience. Eco-science Wrinkle Spot Essence, skin care for deep wrinkles and expression lines with the powerful regenerative energy of ocean plants found in the island of Jeju.

With lots of skin care companies using chemicals and unneccesary ingredients, which are really not good for your skin, it is nice to see a product that uses the pure ingredients of nature. People have been using all natural products for hundreds of years because it works and is a renewable source. There are also many recipes out there for making your own natural beauty products. You can make your own beauty products at home, saving yourself money and getting some excellent results.

While I am sure there are other reasons for the flawless skin of the Koreans, I do know that skin care is high on their list of priorities. They have many skin care brands, and many of them are made with all natural ingredients. I chose Innisfree purely out of curiosity and am very impressed by it. If you want to try this amazing product, it can be purchased online for a very resonable price. As for me, when I need more, maybe I will just go back to Seoul and get some. Seoul is a beautiful city to visit, and the people are beautiful also.