Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion: Finally, Sinus Pressure Relief!

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Natural remedies for nasal congestion can be safe alternatives to traditional medication, such as decongestants and antihistamines to provide a temporary cure. Although both may provide relief from a severe stuffy nose or sinus pressure due to a cold infection or allergies, many pregnant women may want to use a herbal remedy treatment on themselves or their infants, toddlers, or children. In this article, we will look at ways to relieve the symptoms of sinus congestion. First, though, let us find out where all that mucus is coming from!

Sinus pressure points

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There are eight sinuses in your skull. The sinuses are cavities, which function as filters and reservoirs for chemicals our body uses.

The two we are concerned with are the frontal sinuses and the maxillary sinuses. The frontal sinuses are a pair of cavities that are above your eye — toward the middle or your face. At lot of times, these sinuses are the culprit for sinus headache pressure because you’ll feel it up by your forehead. The maxillary sinuses are below the eyes — a little higher than your cheeks.

When these sinuses get clogged, mucus will irritate the tissue in your sinuses, and it will become inflamed which causes facial pressure. You may also find that you have a runny nose.

You may have other obstructions — such as a deviated septum, narrow ostia, and nasal polyps. Your sinus problems may be due to allergies, asthma, environment, dust, mold, smoke, bacteria, and viruses.

If you are uncertain why you have congestion, it is important to visit a physician. Reading an article on the web is not a substitute.

Ways to use natural remedies for nasal congestion

The goal is to clear the sinuses out. My favorite way is to irrigate the nasal cavities with a saline solution.

One of the best natural remedies for nasal congestion requires a Neti pot, salt, and water.

The Neti pot is a small pot that has a spout on it and will remind you of a genie lamp.

The first step is to boil 16 ounces of water and let it cool so it is warm to touch. Add the water to the pot and add 1 teaspoon of salt.

You will want to mix the ingredients in the pot. Now is where it may get a little messy. You will want your head at a 45 degree angle and will want to gently put the spout of the Neti pot into your nose.

The saline solution will travel through those mucus filled nasal and sinus cavities and flow out the other nostril. This is an irrigation process that removes the mucus.

It is important to only do this once a day. Doing this more than once a day may remove your body’s natural defense mechanisms in your sinuses, which you do not want to do.

You should feel relief after doing the irrigation. You may not feel 100 better or cured, but it does provide relief.

Steam is my second favorite herbal remedy to relieve congestion. Steam helps keep your nasal passages moist and provides temporary relief from that severe runny nose. This is easy to do, too.

All that needs to be done is turn the shower on a hot setting. Let the bathroom fill up with steam and just sit in the bathroom absorbing the steam. You could also place a warm washcloth on your face to try and open nasal passageways that way.

Although I’m not a medical professional and am not offering any advice — you really should visit a physician — I hope you find the information in this article about natural remedies for nasal congestion.

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Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion: Finally, Sinus Pressure Relief!, Seekyt
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