Natural Sound Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

I like natural sound alarm clocks for a number of reasons. They can really help to develop a healthy sleep pattern. Not only can they help heavy sleepers wake up, but if you’re one that struggles with insomnia, then they can even be used to help you fall asleep. There’s something about natural sounds that hypnotize the brain. Our neurons in the brain react differently to certain natural sounds that we hear.

It’s quite fascinating the way our brain operates, and these natural sounds can be used to alert the brain its time to get up. You don’t necessarily need loud music, and noises to wake you up. Sometimes that doesn’t work at all. Certain sounds can trigger different wave patterns in the brain, to make it more focused, conscious, and alert so you can enter a beta mind state when you realize its time to get up. I think natural sounds might be the absolute best in helping getting heavy sleepers up for the day.

Best Natural Sound Alarm Clock to Buy

The Timex T309T Alarm Clock Radio is definitely one of the best natural sound radio clocks to buy on the market. These are extremely expensive, but if you buy it used on amazon you can great a great deal. You can wake up to your favorite radio station as you choose, a wake up buzzer, along with natural sounds of your choosing. Why I think works of heavy sleepers is that it relies on three different methods to help wake one up, instead of just one. This is why its among the best to use.

You set the alarm to the natural sounds say maybe thirty minutes before you plan to wake up. This works because it’ll get your mind in a conscious state, and will wake you up from a deep sleep cycle. That’s the most important part of getting up. You can’t just instantly wake up from a deep sleep cycle. That’s why most heavy sleepers struggle to get up. Then after you set the natural sounds that like, within 15 minutes you can set it to radio station of your choosing, then the final method is the buzzer.

So within thirty minutes you should wake up from a good night’s sleep. It seems to be one of the best products on the market for heavy sleepers. It’s gotten good feedback from customers.

Cheap Natural Sound Alarm Clock

A really good alarm clock is definitely not cheap. I’m a pretty heavy sleeper myself, and I sleep right through the one on my phone. So it’s well worth investing good money in a top quality alarm clock. However, for those that have a tight budget and are looking to save money, you can do so with the Homedics SS-4510B Soundspa Autoset Clock Radio. This is arguably best alarm clock system on the market for the lowest amount of money. It costs well under $50 dollars.

My favorite feature is the soothing blue light LCD display used to keep track of the time. It’s pretty soothing on the eyes, and that alone can help one wake up. You can wake up to six different natural sounds of either the ocean, waterfall/white noise, summer night, rainforest, thunder, and rain. These are gentle and soothing sounds that can alert the brain waves, and snap you out of deep sleep state.

It’s a pretty small alarm clock system that you can travel with you. Some of the other features include AM/FM clock radio, automatic time set and daylight savings time adjustment. It’s not loaded with features. Just a pretty simple and effective radio alarm clock to use. It’s gotten a lot of mixed reviews by customers.

Natural Light and Sound Alarm Clock

Not everyone responds the same to sound. So for those that are extremely difficult to wake up, you might need a combination of both sound and light. I like a light the simulates an actual sunrise. This is exactly what the Philips HF3510 Wake Up Light does. The light won’t just turn on automatically. It will simulate an actual sunrise and just gradually get brighter until its time to get up.

I think what many customers enjoy that the glow isn’t overbearing to eyes, but just subtle enough to open your eyes. The soft UV-free light comes with a 300-lux illuminance bulb. There are also 20 different brightness settings and cycles the light will go through.

The clock also comes with three different natural sounds that include birds, the forest, and the zen garden, or an FM radio. The snooze feature will give you 9 extra minutes to sleep. I find five minutes to be too little personally.

This product even is backed by clinical research of the National Sleep Foundation to be very effective in up to 92 percent users in helping them wake up and have a full night’s of rest.