Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

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If your goal is to become pregnant, you probably want it to happen right away. You don’t want to go month after month with no success. After a while you can start to get down-hearted and wonder if there is something wrong with you. Before you run off to the doctor and get on a potentially dangerous fertility drug, try some of these natural methods.

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Maintain a Healthy Weight

Studies have shown that the two extremes, skinny or obese, can detrimentally affect your attempts to become pregnant. The more fit you are, the more suited you will be to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. Most pregnancies are planned, so in the months leading up to your desired conception, step up your exercise regimen, skip the greasy fast foods, and eat lean meats, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables.

Skip the Hot Tub

This applies more to men than it does to women. The old adage that wearing briefs keep your sperm too warm and thus lower your reproductive possibilities is entirely false. In fact, there is very little correlation to heat and sperm count… with the exception of hot tubbing. While once in a while won’t do too much harm, it is best to stay away from the hot water (this includes bath tubs as well) for the week or two before she ovulates.

Drinking in Moderation

Often drinking alcohol can lead to an unexpected pregnancy, but when you are trying to conceive it’s best to keep everything in moderation. Drink plenty of fluids, water and natural fruit juices being the best, and pass on the caffeine and alcohol. While a cup of coffee and a glass of wine each day won’t have drastic effects, cutting them out completely can’t hurt.

Snuff the Cigarettes

Smoking affects both men and women’s fertility. Not only is it bad for your health, it can result in a miscarriage if you smoke while you’re pregnant. Just kick the habit all together.

Monitor Your Ovulation

Pregnancy can occur at any time of the month, but you are far more likely to become pregnant during your fertile window. This window ends the day of ovulation, and the week before is your best bet for conceiving. If you need help monitoring your ovulation, there are plenty of ovulation kits readily available.

Copulate Regularly without Lubricants

Some people need lubes, others do not. If you can get by without them, then you should skip them all together as some can have spermicidal ingredients. Likewise, lovemaking every other day is key to making sure that conception occurs. Waiting too long won’t increase sperm count, and the sperm can actually start dying off after 4 or 5 days.

Visit a Fertility Doctor

If all else fails and you have been struggling to become pregnant for over a year, it may be time to visit a fertility doctor. Keep in mind that there are fertility drugs that cause birth defects, so be wary of them and opt for the natural methods first and use the drugs as a last resort.

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