Joshua would sometimes think about the hard facts of nature.Time-space continuum for example. Where did the room he just left disappear? Where is his sister, whom he just has said goodbye to?
It occured to him that all of this was some kind of a hoax, a movie of an immense power and complexity, that affected not only him, but the entire existence, the whole of life as he knew it.
He was in possession of a pair of parrots, and he observed, that the animals behaved exactly the same way, as he did, in certain situations. They would call out for each other, they remembered where food and water was, they knew how to locate their favourite places, where they would sit and spend the day.
The poor creatures, whose size was lesser than a pear, were behaving much the same way as the king of creation, himself, the homo sapiens.
Thus the idea of searching for the hoax had begun to be replaced in his mind by some kind of closure, an immense relief: no matter how lonely he was as a person, he was not an outcast by nature.
The feeling was much the same one as when he had learnt to swim. In the beginning he was afraid of the giant slippery liquid, which laid silent, undisturbed, and obscure right in front of him.
His father told him all he was to do is stay afloat, and wriggle around with his arms and legs. He would sink as a flat stone in the beginning. But one day, when the hot sun was right above his head, the people scattered around relaxing on the beach, he went into the water. And he felt it: the eternal calm and softness of the water, where there was no need to say words, or act out. He stretched his body, and slowly hit the water with his arms and legs. He was moving ahead, he was swimming.
After that, his whole reflexion towards nature was rephrased, and he felt that there lay a giant power somewhere, that watched him, and took care of him, no matter what happened. Maybe this was the key to the whole of existence.