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NC Food Jobs & employment Available in the Beverage Sector


The NC food jobs & employment sector has many available positions open to professionals who want to be employed in the beverage industry. A state with a rich culinary history and heritage, North Carolina has a great beverage industry specializing in soft drinks, beers and wines – such beverages that go well with their homegrown barbecues, cheeses and donuts.

A State with Rich Beverage History

The people in North Carolina do really know how to appreciate their foods. They have a rich beverage history to compliment their cuisine. In fact the state is the birthplace of Pepsi, one of the most popular beverage brands in the world, and Cheerwine, a popular soft drink brand in the southeastern states, is based in the state.

As not to be content with soft drinks, the state also houses large brewing pubs and wine-making facilities and vineyards, producing the best beers and breeding the finest choices of grapes for wines, respectively. Many breweries have set up operations in the state, and vineyards help boost grape production in the country. With the presence of many beverage companies, the NC food jobs market is teeming with job applications for people who’d like a drink or two perhaps.

Some Available Jobs in the Beverage Sector

Some available jobs opportunities with regards to beverages include:

• Bartender / Flair tender – Bar, clubs and restaurants are looking for expert bartenders or flair tenders who can provide patrons fresh, handcrafted drinks and offer them customized options too. If you have extent knowledge of various alcohol products and an art for mixing and serving them, then you are good to apply. Make sure to comply with the other requirements like communication skills, strong work ethic and physical stamina.
• Brewery manufacturing development manager – This position is for you if you are passionate about beer and if you have considerable experience in management and production. You will overlook all stages of the beer brewing process and implement brewing strategies. Moreover, you will also handle a team of people and ensure their consistent performance and improvement.
• Wine-making consultant or a Sommelier – A wine consultant and a Sommelier both taste wine. Both are specialists on many areas of wine. It is their job to appreciate wine, advise clients on the best products for occasions, conduct wint tasting sessions and help establishments come up with wine lists. Wine consultants can set up their own wine consultancy practice while a Sommelier works for dining establishments. In a rich wine region like North Carolina, sure there would be lot of food jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina.
• Wine buyers / specialist – As a wine buyer or specialist, you will be in charge of purchase, stocking and preparation of wine and other specialty items, sanitation and counter service. For you to meet the expectations of the position, you will need to possess extensive knowledge of various wine products, product preparation and communication, maintenance and organizational skills.
• Pre-sale representatives – NC food jobs always have to do with sales, and the beverage industry is always in need of sales representatives to handle the marketing side of their business.

Food beverage jobs in Charlotte, NC and elsewhere will always be available amidst the rich food scene of North Carolina. If there’s a job opening that suits you, send in your cover letter and resume now

Jonathan Weaver would like a drink after a hard day’s work writing about food jobs in Charlotte, NC and other major cities across North America on various social media platforms. A degree in language helps him understand the yearning of his stomach and his love of traveling allows him to sample a few dishes and drinks on the way.

NC Food Jobs & employment Available in the Beverage Sector
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