Neat Teaching Toys: Leapfrog's Scribble and Write

As anybody with youngsters could certainly tell you, kids between the ages of two and five almost all display a certain number of common characteristics: they never like to eat their vegetables; they have a limitless amount of energy; and they love to write – predominantly on the walls. On the issue of that third item, assuming you have ever wanted your child’s writing to purposeful instead of simply haphazard, the Leapfrog Scribble and Write, which makes for a cool toy and gift, may what you’ve been waiting for.

As plenty of you with smaller children may possibly know, Leapfrog can best be described as firm that routinely markets merchandise that attempts to combine knowledge with fun. Whereas I can’t suggest that everything they offer hits the mark, a fair amount of their products do, and the Scribble and Write is definitely such an item.

The Scribble and Write is really aimed at teaching the alphabet, and it uses a number of techniques to do so: tracing upper-case letters; tracing lower-case letters; drawing; and guessing characters. It accomplishes this by simply presenting particular shapes, as well as the alphabet, formed by burgandy dots, which show up on a traceable writing pad. Following the verbal instructions issued by the Scribble and Write – which comes with a voice module – a stylus pen (included as well) may then be employed to trace the particular item which appears. (The stylus, mercifully, is attached to the Scribble and Write , so that there’s minimal anxiety about losing it.)

On the topic of drawing, the goal is to get your little tot comfortable with drawing the lines, as well as the curves, that form the letters of the alphabet. Bearing that in mind, various geometric shapes – lines, zigzags, circles, and so on – display within the writing surface for your child to trace.

The tracing of upper and lower-case characters operates in a similar manner, except your little tot is actually permitted to choose the letter of the alphabet he or she would like to draw. (The letters all appear upon small control buttons on the face of the product.) Moreover, the Scribble and Write thoroughly and effectively describes exactly how the letter is to be crafted. As an illustration, it clearly shows that the letter ‘L’ is actually drawn by beginning near the top and drawing a line all the way down, then sketching a line across. After completing any tracing challenge, your youngster pushes the ‘paw’ button (there’s a cute little dog on the front of the Scribble and Write) and is notified whether they correctly traced the character or not. During the remaining teaching mode, the S&W drafts letters and asks your tot to correctly identify it by hitting the proper key.

To sum up, the Scribble and Write can be viewed as educating by rote, which is probably how many of us learned. Speaking from the standpoint of a person who has a 4-year-old who understands his alphabetic characters and numbers (along with a two-year-old patiently waiting in the wings), I believe it truly is a wonderful educational resource, as well as a cool toy and gift. Moreover, our little ones really relish playing with it, and in all probability don’t imagine they may be learning in any way.