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Need More Money? Start a Side Hustle


The side hustle is a popular topic among finance writers these days. There are so many people that aren’t happy with how much they are making, and they need to bring in some additional income on the side. So they start a side job. Now there are many different ways to do this, it doesn’t necessarily mean flipping burgers at McDonald’s on the weekends.

Starting your Side Hustle

If you need money, you certainly can pick up a second job. There is nothing wrong with working evenings and weekends in some capacity to make sure that you have enough to make ends meet. But why work for minimum wage, on someone else’s schedule, doing a job you probably don’t like, when you could work for yourself?

A side hustle is nothing more than doing something that you love, or at least you are good at it, in order to generate some additional revenue to supplement your income. It can be doing anything, almost literally (obviously there are legal implications to some activities). Having trouble figuring out an idea? Here are some options:

  • Tutor students: You have a topic where you are nearly an expert, someone will pay for your expertise.
  • Landscape: Many people hate to work in their yards. You can mow, rake leaves, trim bushes, plant flowers, and more. You may need a license or a permit depending on where you live.
  • Design: Design can be graphic design, floral design, interior design, clothing design, and more. If you have an eye for detail and “making things look good” put it to use!
  • Website Work: If you are a writer, you can make money online (chances are if you’re reading this, you already do). Market yourself a little more and make even more money.
  • Photograph: People are always on the lookout for affordable photographers. Study some techniques and you can easily make a few hundred extra dollars every month.
  • Service: Cooking, cleaning, auto maintenance, and more are all things people hate to do. Market your abilities to the right people and you could make a lot of money.

The idea is that you have a skill that many other people don’t have. If you put that skill to use, you can make money on the side by tapping into the market of people that don’t want to learn a new skill and would rather hire out for it. Who knows, it could get so big that you quit your day job in order to make more money on your side business.

Marketing Your Side Hustle

The hardest part about starting a side hustle is finding clients. Since you likely won’t want to spend a lot of money on marketing, your best bet is to use free advertising (on Facebook and Craiglist) and word of mouth. Make sure your friends and family know what you do, and within no time you could be pulling in an extra $1,000 per month.

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Need More Money?  Start a Side Hustle
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