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Need New Shoes? | Here’s Great Places to Shop

If you need new shoes, I’ve got some great places for you to shop for the Jordan’s, Nike’s, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Nine West, and more shoes that you’re looking for. Whether you want new Dockers or Reebok or Australia Women or any other shoe for an upcoming event or for vacation, you want to get the perfect shoes for the occasion. That could mean hitting the mall, going from store to store, and trying on dozens of shoes. Some people have turned that scenario into an art form while others make it a contact sport. Either way, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find that perfect pair of shoes at a great price. But Amazon, ebay, and Merrell Shoes are three websites that offer a great variety of shoes for men, women boys, and girls.

Tip: Skechers.com has a great selection of shoes for men, women, and children.

Nine West, Jordans, Sketchers, Ellie

So you’re looking for a pair of Timberlands, Clarks, Sperry’s or maybe even a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s for vacation or an upcoming event and you haven’t found the shoe’s you want at a price that you want to pay. In most cases you’re going to have to pay what the market is asking for name brand shoes unless you find a great shoe sale. More often than not, that means being in the right place at the right time. Don’t you hate it when your friend calls, you after the shoe sale is over, to tell you about the great deal they got on a great pair of shoes? Well, even though your friend didn’t call, you might still be able to get the kicks you want. I’ll be your new BFF (Best friend forever) and share some places to buy shoes at some unbelievable prices.

Get the comfort, style, smile of hottershoes.com for women, men, boys, and girls.

Name Brand Shoes at Great Prices

There are a lot of benefits that come with shopping on line for shoes. For boysone, it eliminates the contact sports thing. Amazon, ebay, and Merrell Shoes are three websites that offer a great variety of shoes for men, women boys, and girls. You can find high heels, pumps, wedges, running shoes, walking shoes, boots, loafers and more on these sites. They also offer shoes for infants. Amazon and ebay are well-established sites that offer customer product ratings that you can use to help make buying decisions. Doushman shoes is new to me but they offer stylish, name brand shoes at very good prices. Of course, you have to wait for delivery but in most cases delivery is within 7-10 days and it’s free unless you want to pay for express shipping. Getting free delivery is great especially if you live so far out in the boonies that you only go into town to shop once or twice a month. These websites are similar in a lot of ways but each also differs from the others in certain ways. I’ll list some of the major differences below.

Amazon Shoes

Amazon probably has the largest offering and best selection of the three. They also offer special sales and promotional events from time to time. I bought a pair of shoes (see image above) that cost $50.00 from them and got $10.00 off by applying for an Amazon Credit Card. That’s a good deal, right? The shoes were delivered timely and they look and feel great.


ebay is an auction site where sellers post their products and allow customers to bid on them for a certain amount of time. Anyone with an eBay account can post shoes, and just about anything else, for sale. You also get the opportunity to buy at a set ‘Buy Now’ price that’s higher than the starting bid price but lower than the going rate. One of the unique things about buying shoes on ebay is that you can find new and reconditioned shoes.

Merrell Shoes?

Merrell Shoes is new to me and I haven’t used this site yet. Merrell is a well-known brand of shoes, clothes, and accessories for men women and children. Merrell offers a line of high quality hiking, running, and winter and water sport footwear.


If you need a new pair of Rockport, New Balance, Naturalizer, or Nine West for an event or just for vacation one of these sites probably has what you’re looking for at a great price. Remember to order early because you have to wait for delivery unless you can’t wait and want to pay for express delivery. If you want to set up a Paypal account it’s free. Just in case.

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