Need to Cool a Small Space? Consider a Mitsubishi Mini-Split!

If you are tired of fighting the heat in a small space, there are two main cooling options available to you, a ductlessmini-split system or a window air conditioner. Both are typically used when an entire forced air system isn’t needed, or when it is not feasible to install new duct work. For older homes that simply do not have duct work, these are often the only options that are available.

Before you decide which cooling option is best for your unique needs, it helps to understand how a mini-split system works and how it compares to a window air conditioner.

Energy Efficient Cooling Capabilities

Although newer window air models are much more energy efficient than older models, they still leave quite a bit to be desired in terms of overall efficiency. They aren’t designed to control temperatures in a room and shut off when the desired temperature is reached. A duct-less mini-split functions much like a forced air system. You can set the temperature and it will only run when it’s needed.

In addition, the installation of a mini-split system is also much more efficient than a window air. This type of unit is installed directly into the wall and sealed to ensure that there are no air leaks. A window air sits inside the window frame and it’s virtually impossible to seal it properly.

Window Air vs. Mini-Split

A window air conditioner is going to have an initially lower entry cost. Most models that are suited for small spaces can be purchased for around $200 or less. However, you’re going to be spending much more over the course of the use of the appliance in your energy bills.

Comparably, a Mitsubishi mini-split system will cost a little more to install, but the amount of money you’ll save over the course of its operating life will more than pay for the unit.

Another important consideration is the air quality within your living space. A window air conditioner doesn’t have a special filtration system that conditions the air to remove dust and pollen. A Mitsubishi mini-split is designed for dust-free operation and is much more suited to those who need to have higher indoor air quality levels. If you suffer from allergies or you have asthma, a mini-split is going to be perfect for your needs.

Reliability is Key

Window air conditioners are cheap, there’s no denying that fact. They also only last for a few years at the most and will need to be cleaned and replaced frequently. A Mitsubishi mini-split is going to have a much longer life span. It also comes with a warranty and with proper maintenance, you can enjoy dust-free, cooled air in your space for many years to come.

Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing between a Mitsubishi mini-split and a window air conditioner is how well it can cool the space. A window air is going to be limited in the amount of square feet it can cool without freezing up. With a Mitsubishi mini-split, you can size the unit to cool the desired amount of space much more efficiently. You can even add more units to the same system if necessary.

If you have never seen a Mitsubishi mini-split in action, ask your local HVAC company for demonstration. Chances are, you’llbe surprised at just how effective this type of cooling is for small spaces and how much money you can save over the long term use of this type of unit.

About the Author:

Zelick Gimelstein, Marketing Director of The AC Outlet, is a frequent contributor on home energy-related topics. Having earned the many facets and nuances of the industry from the company’s principals—who possess years of general construction and HVAC distribution experience—he enjoys sharing knowledge about both residential and commercial heating & cooling solutions so that end-users may have a better understanding of their needs in terms of comfort, energy usage, and sustainability.