Need to Find a Roommate But Can't Find a Decent One?

In this economy today everyone is trying to save and if that means renting a room or renting out a room so be it. Renting a room will help you save greatly. You will be saving a lot more than what you had before splitting cost of rent and utilities. The main problem is just finding a reliable roommate who will pay bills on time and who has a steady income.

Make sure the potential roommate has been on their job for at-least 6 months if not ask them do they skip from job to job. If they answer yes, this roommate is not a good potential roommate who you can trust to be financially stable and pay bills on time. Also ask lots of questions. Are they in a dysfunctional relationship? Do they like to party? Will they have friends over every night? Are they on any type of drugs? All these questions are something you want to know about your potential roommate.

The whole point of getting a roommate is to share cost not headaches. and are the #1 Roommates sites online and a great way to find a potential decent roommate. You can search over 4 million roommates profile from the U.K ,U.S, Australia, and Ireland. So you shouldn’t have any problems finding your long or short term roommate that you like and can get along with. There is all types of people to choose from making it less stressful to find that perfect roommate. Lots of people today are taking advantage of splitting cost with roommates because its makes life a little easier. I currently have been living with my roommate for two years now and we have become literally best friends.

Lastly, if bills are overdue and you just can’t keep up with them get a roommate. Its easy and free. Don’t waste your time on imbeciles and people that have no money or job. There is a roommate match for everyone, you just have to weed out the bad roommates. Stop wasting time and find that perfect roommates that await you.