Negatives, Drawbacks and Disadvantages of Pellet Stoves

With the onset of winter every home owner starts thinking of providing heat to his family to keep them warm. Many people plan on getting a pellet stove for the purpose of heating. This is a good choice as it is a source of renewable energy and can be very economical.

But there are various disadvantages of pellet stoves as well as we see below:

1. Firstly when you go to buy pellets you will find that they are sold in large and heavy bags which you might find difficult to carry. You will not be able to find them being sold in convenient packages, only in bulk. Though bulk pricing can be an advantage it sometimes gets offset by the inconvenience of lugging a load to your house.

2. The stoves themselves are very expensive though pellets may be very economical. The cost of a stove can start at $1500 and go all the way up to $3000. Parts can be expensive as well and in the event that something happens to your stove you might end up spending a lot of money on repair. It has very intricate parts and could break if handled roughly. You may need to keep aside a certain amount of money for repairs and calculate whether it will be worth buying a pellet stove.

3. The pellet stove has electrical components and in areas where electricity is expensive using such a stove may increase your electricity consumption. If you are looking at reducing your energy costs this may not be for you.

4. Besides if you in an area that has power cuts it may be useless to keep a pellet stove. The main components of the stove need electricity to run on and a power cut may render it useless. Not only that running it without power can fill your house with smoke. If you use a generator that is going to be fine but then it will become very costly in the long run. Some also run on batteries in case of an electricity failure but again buying batteries regularly can be very expensive.

5. Maintenance is another issue and most of these stoves need regular maintenance if they are running at full capacity. If they are not serviced regularly they can break down without prior warning. The usual suspects are a choked exhaust or even a switch that becomes faulty – but you cannot run it free of maintenance. This may be a cost that needs to be added to the overall expenses and you may need to consider the same before buying the stove.

6. It is not environment friendly and in fact may be quite harmful to the environment. Burning wood may emit gaseous toxins that hang in the air and can cause respiratory illnesses. Those who are proponents of environment friendliness may not like to be associated with such devices because of the adverse effects on the environment.

7. Installing a pellet mechanism is also an expensive affair. Many conventional fireplaces are not suited to pellets and hence an expert would need to install a pellet fuel insert. The surrounding space will need to be insulated and that is an additional cost. Cleaning the chimney at regular intervals is also not easy and the insert may need to be de-installed to get this done.

After considering all the disadvantages of pellet stoves if you consider the use of one in your house advantageous, you can go ahead and buy one online or in a store.