Nepal, the famous 'On Top of the World' country

Until Sir Edmund Hillary and Dempsey climbed and conquered the Mount Everest Nepal was almost unknown to the world. After that it became a tourist attraction for would-be conqueror of Mount Everest and others for their religion.

Nowadays, everything is so well organized for the tourist industry that you can fly into Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Gone are the days where you have to track by ponies all the way from neighboring India for hours on end. An early morning flight from Kathmandu will take you over the mountainous region and enables you to admire the majestic Mount Everest with its 8,848m height. Nepal has the world’s highest peaks which will leave you awe inspired.

For tourist are hikes available of all abilities and length. Hikes through the beautiful Annapurna region will lead to the picturesque lakeside town of Pokhara. The emerald-green valley with snowy peaks around will be an unforgettable experience. Past terraced rice paddy fields with thundering waterfalls. Unless the clouds come down and it is pouring with rain the aftermath of the sun breaking through and showing the areas Annapurna’s in its crystal clear light is an experience worthwhile hiking for all the way. A further great experience will be going through the forested gorges and crossing rickety bridges over raging rivers.

Nepal is proud of its great alpine scenery as well as the birthplace of Buddha. It also claims a living goddess. It is a young girl called Kumari.

Pachali Bhairab, a magnificent Hindu temple standing on the banks of the holy Bagmati River, is full with shrines dedicated to the many gods and goddesses. Th Bagmati is one of the holiest places and the Nepalis’ deceased are cremated there

Not far from Kathmandu is the ancient capital, Bhaktapur. Medieval streets and ancient architecture of Durbar Square will leave you spellbound.

Another unforgettable ‘must see’ place is the Chitwan National Park. A 932km2 area of water marches and sal forest with 50 species of mammals which includes the Royal Bengal tiger and the one-horned rhino. will give you the wildlife and plant life of the Himalayas. It is incredible, the existence of such a variety in those harsh environments. To visit this magnificent park is best by an elephant safari.