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Nesco FD-75 Vs FD-80: What's the Difference?

Nesco FD-75R


The Nesco FD-75PR is a 600-watt unit which uses a unique drying system called Converga-Flow that pushes air into the pressurized chamber s well as individual trays. This results in quick drying and is also even and nutritious.

Aspects and Features

The most important feature in this machine is the top mounted fan that stops any liquid from going into the heating chamber. When you observe the FD-75PR you will find that the exterior is opaque which is good for preserving nutrients by blocking light. You can adjust the temperature with a built-in thermostat and can also choose any temperature up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, from 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The package comes with 5 trays and if you would like to increase the number of trays it is possible to do so and expand it to a maximum of 12 trays.

Additional Specifications

In addition to 5 trays you will also get 2 fruit roll sheets with which you can dry semi-liquids like sauces and fruits. If you will be drying herbs and spices or even potpourri you can use the 2 Clean-a-screen screens which are also supplied with the machine. You will also find 3 jerky spice packets and a book with 52 excellent recipes. The machine has dimensions of 13x13x10 inches.

Nesco FD-80


The FD-80 is a 700watt dehydrator which uses a system for fast drying hat will be even and preserve nutrients. The drying system pushes air into the pressurized chamber and also on each horizontal tray and then at the center. The result is very fast drying and an evenness that retains the nutrients as well.

Aspects and Features

The machine has a thermostat that is adjustable and you can choose any temperature between 95-155 degrees Fahrenheit. The top mounted fan is especially useful as it prevents any dripping into the chamber. A prominently placed knob can be used for controlling the thermostat and to set the temperature that you want. The motor housing contains detailed instructions pertaining to the use of the machine. You will also get a bale handle with which you can remove the power head. There is no chance of flavors mixing and so you can keep them as they are without shifting them to prevent dilution of flavors.

Additional Specifications

The dimensions of the machine are 14.5×14.5×9.75 inches and all the parts are dishwasher safe. An instruction manual accompanies the machine when you purchase it. Once you are satisfied with the drying system you can also add additional trays to the machine.

What is the Difference Between the Nesco FD-75 and FD-80?

Both machines are similar with improvements in the FD-80 which has retained all the useful features of the FD-75. The FD-80 is much larger than the FD-75 and has a larger capacity. It is also more powerful at 700 watts as compared to the latter’s 600 watts which makes it even faster for greater loads. The FD-80 has a square shape whereas the FD-75 has a rounded shape giving them each a unique look. The range of temperature given for the two machines is a bit different with a slightly higher range for the FD-75.

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