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Nest 3rd Generation Rumors and Release

Nest is well known all over the world as the iOS compatible and learning thermostat. It is a unique product, one that has become popular with Apple users and is in its 2nd generation. Nest 3rd generation rumors have started floating around sparking interest in it even more.

Nest is known for its durability and does not launch a new product every year. The reason is also that it is far more advanced than other such devices and may not need to be updated on an annual basis. Matt Rogers, the founder of Nest devices had made it clear that the company does not think it important to have a new product every year since he did not expect to upgrade each year like they upgrade smartphones.

In fact according to him a Nest device can easily perform well for four or five years without an issue. The function set and aesthetics of a Nest device is exceptional and cannot be compared with any other device in the same category. Usually, thermostat companies do not focus on design and this is where Nest has a distinct advantage with its modern and sophisticated designs. It has really disrupted the thermostat industry and continues to dominate growth in the industry.

The secret behind the company’s success is that their devices are so intuitive. It learns temperature changing habits of users and sets itself up accordingly so that people who own it never have to set the temperature again. For example it will know that you sleep late on weekends and will maintain temperature accordingly.

In January this year Google purchased Nest in its second largest acquisition ever. Hence many changes can be expected in the way the 3rd generation will be designed and launched. Google makes all its systems and devices very unique and distinctive and it can be expected that it will make Nest the same. Google has been launching household products like Apple TV and will continue its foray into the household segment with Nest devices.

The technical advancement achieved by Nest will be leveraged by Google to develop new technology that will go into home gadgets. Google can save on development costs as well as gain time over other competitors while entering the segment. Moreover it can help Google interlink various devices and platforms to its own advantage to capture a market segment for itself.

Whatever Google plans for the Nest 3rd generation it will retain its edge in design where it will be the most attractive option compared to its competitors. Also, it will be easy to install and you will be able to do the installation yourself without any help. It will also require less or no maintenance at all so that it frees your time and saves you money in the long run. There will be many more features that will be added to the thermostat so that it becomes even more user friendly and beneficial to own.

The Nest 2nd generation thermostat has been extremely impressive in design and performance. It has saved money for its users through energy savings and also provided value by being intuitive and user friendly. Now that Google owns Nest there will be many improvements and features based on new technology that it introduces through the devices. For those who would like to save money and effort through the use of an automatic device the nest 3rd generation rumors will turn to reality very soon.

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