Never Give Up On Your Goals

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We should never give up on our goals, we have many goals that we want to achieve; but certain ones are most important to us, they are the one’s we want to achieve first. Some goals in life that we want to achieve maybe: Finishing School, Going to College, Finishing College, Being a Role Model, Getting a good job, Giving our life to God, Being a leader and not a follower. These goals are very important to us and we want to try achieving them. Finishing School is one of the main goals we want to try achieving, because without an education; we can’t be the person that we want to be or make the money we want to make. Not to many jobs will hire you without a High School Education. If you want a certain amount of money, I say College is the answer, but you don’t have to go to College to be somebody in life, but going to College is a good thing if you want a very high paying job. Being a role model should be a daily Goal, because if you have children; you should be a role model to them. They should be the first one, that you want to be a role model to. Everyone should want to be able to have a good job, and be able to take care of there family. Without a job you can’t take care of your family, you will have to depend on others to take care of you and your family. You don’t want to be dependent, you want to be independent. You want to be a leader and not a follower. You want to be able to lead people to God, but first you have to give your life to God. Without the help of God you want be able to achieve any of the goals that you want achieved. You must put God first and everything else will fall in place. Others are looking at your life without you even realizing it, so try to be on your very best behavior daily; because you don’t no who watching you. You might be a help to someone and not no it. Some people need someone positive in there life, you might be the only positive person that they have in their life.

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Never Give Up On Your Goals, Seekyt
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