New Admin – Introduction

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Hello Seekers,

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I’m James, the new admin at Seekyt 🙂

I’ve been working hard with Tyler the past few days understanding everything there is know about Seekyt and how we can make it bigger and better.

The main reason for my interest in Seekyt is because I’m passionate about writing. I’ve been a writer for years, writing for other companies and also starting up my own blog network. One thing I learnt from it all is how lucrative writing can be, that quality is far superior to quantity and how important it is to write relevant up to date content (keywords / SEO).

But above all, one thing I also learnt was how hard it can be at times.

That’s why straight away I’ve increased your earning share to 65% of the ad revenue on your articles.

But that’s not all, I want you to spread the word and make Seekyt one on the biggest revenue sharing sites in the world, that’s why you can now earn 10% of the ad revenue on the articles of writers you refer to Seekyt.

What’s changed:

  • Increase earning share to 65% of the ad revenue on your articles.
  • Increase earning share to 10% of the ad revenue on the articles of writers you refer to Seekyt.

New Features Planned:

I have a number of new features planned including new ways to earn via different platforms and content types. This is still very much in alpha phase and will require some skill and patience to execute it effectively but ultimately it will mean greater earning potential for fellow seekers.

More to be announced on that later.

I also plan to carry a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure Google and other search engines are crawling and indexing your articles. This will not only bring in more traffic and thus more pageviews increasing your earnings but also this will ensure a steady growth in membership.

How I’m going to improve Seeker’s traffic:

This is something very important to Seekyt and it’s future. Not only does it affect the growth of Seekyt as a community but an improvement in traffic will also increase seekers’ earnings.

That’s why we’ve increased the referral percentage to 10% of the ad revenue of the articles of writers you refer.

Not only that, Seekyt will be promoted extensively via social media channels such as youtube and facebook with a new ad campaign already in the works for release later next month.

I’ve had a lot of success in the past promoting blogs I’ve managed this way and with over 15,000 articles in Seekyt I know the results will be great here. I also have a sound experience with Twitter and Pinterest which I plan on using to promote select articles I find of particular interest, as well as featured articles.

A bit about myself:

I’m a Londoner (UK), born and raised here in London and have trained as pharmacist where I work part-time in a Hospital. Although I love my job my real passions in life are online communities and writing! Therefore feel free to drop me a comment below and in the forums and and join in the discussion.

I look forward to getting to know all of you here individually over time and improving Seekyt in every possible way together!

If it wasn’t already, now is time to write and submit your articles. As they say, content is king.



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New Admin – Introduction, Seekyt
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