New Carpet Cleaning Technology and Trends

Conventional carpet cleaning techniques that rely on powerful chemicals are being replaced by fast-drying, non-toxic and highly efficient solutions.

Lightweight dual-purpose carpet cleaning machines

The older carpet cleaners are heavy, unwieldy rotary machines notorious for causing permanent damage if used incorrectly. More modern, lightweight carpet cleaners use high-performance sponge rollers to capture the dirt and squeeze out excess moisture.

The new carpet cleaners offer several benefits:

• much faster drying times
• a marked reduction in mould, mildew and bacteria
• negligible build-up of residue due to the limited use of chemicals
• prolonged carpet life, due to the use of a gentle, non-invasive carpet cleaning technique
• ergonomic design.

Green carpet cleaning products

Substantial investment in research and development of green carpet cleaning materials is paying off. Instead of introducing noxious chemicals into the home, you can now choose from various natural alternatives derived from botanicals such as grapefruit seed extract, orange peel extract and lemon juice.

Carbonating cleaning bubbles, which use hardly any water, have recently been introduced to replace harmful detergents.

Dedicated stain removal

A range of highly effective, environmentally friendly products for removing carpet stains is now available. These include stain removers for dyes found in food and beverages; chewing gum and glue stain removers, which use solvent gels; and natural enzyme formulations that penetrate carpet fibres to break down and remove organic materials such as blood, food stains and pet waste.

State of the art carpet cleaning equipment

Various innovative carpet cleaning tools and techniques have emerged over the past decade. For example, germ-busting vacuums use ultraviolet light to destroy dangerous pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Low moisture carpet cleaning machines lift the pile of a carpet to remove dirt and grit imbedded in the fibres. Dry vapour steam cleaning solutions use high pressure, heated dry vapours, instead of chemicals, to clean and sanitise fitted carpets.

Preventative carpet cleaning solutions

Preventative carpet cleaning solutions are gaining popularity, particularly in the commercial and business arenas. Scheduled carpet maintenance is performed to remove loose, dry dirt and contaminants before they can do damage or penetrate deeply into the carpet pile.

When selecting a professional carpet cleaning service, be sure to choose one that embraces the latest technologies, offering cleaning solutions that are healthy and kind to the environment.