New Clothes: Wash and Wear is Right – Get the Bacteria Out

New clothes wash and wear directions are right for getting the bacteria out of your new clothes. Scientists at Tidewater Community College have published reports that warn consumers about potentially dangerous bacteria in newly purchased clothing. What was the last clothing item you tried on before you bought it. How many people tried it on before you did? Did you wash it before you wore it the first time? According to the study done at Tidewater College, when you try on clothing at your favorite store in the mall, you may be exposing yourself to some potentially dangerous bacteria from other shoppers.

Most shoppers try on clothes to try to get the right fit and to see how the garment looks on them. If the item doesn’t fit or if the shopper just doesn’t like the way it looks, it goes back on the rack until you come along and try it on. This is where the transfer of some potentially dangerous bacteria could occur. This cycle could be repeated many times depending on the popularity of the item. This increases the danger of a potentially dangerous bacterial transfer.

One way to protect yourself is to do what you do when you shop for new shoes. If you’re like most people, you take cover socks with you to the store or store associates provide them for you. Hopefully these haven’t been used before. Just kidding. You should also use a cover garment when trying on garments and avoid direct skin contact in personal areas when possible. This is especially important when shopping for items like swimwear that you normally wouldn’t wear undergarments with.

Scientist say there probably isn’t enough transfer of any undesirable germ transfer to do much if any harm but they recommend washing new clothes before you wear them the first time. Most of us have tried on new clothing before purchasing it all of our lives and we’re no worse the wear for it. If your immune system is healthy, you shouldn’t have to worry about this under normal circumstances. Even though the risk is low it’s probably best to follow the scientists suggest with new clothes, wash and wear is right to get the bacteria out.

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