New Domain Name Extensions to take your Business online

In the dusk of 2012 and dawn of 2013, new organizations were allowed to purchase new TLDs for the first time. These Top Level Domains were created to provide a large range of extension options for online business owners. According to news reports, most big companies invested in TLDs and there was news of companies purchasing swaths of Top Level Domains. For example major search engine giant – Google purchased .docs, .youtube, .google and more. Although, domains were easily available, most business owners couldn’t entertain the idea because of high price tags.

If you are among those who thought that such domain names are not affordable and only the major corporates can purchase these and use them for their personal use, you are slightly mistaken. The fact of the matter is that most TLDs will be available because they are going live soon, and soon the domains with these TLDs will be available to purchase for public just like basic Top Level Domains are available such as .net, .com, .org. Some TLDs that are already available or will be available for future include, but not limited to –

– .app
– .blog
– .attorney
– .boston
– .marketing
– .porn
– .wedding
– .web
– .store

Like most people, if you are also wondering when these domains will be available for purchase, this is what you need to know. It is but obvious that ICANN is reluctant to release numerous domain extensions at once because it will create chaos. Although, a lot of TLDs have been granted and most of these are delegated gradually to the global DNS so that they can come in online batches. Before the availability, every TLD needs to go to a 60-day sunrise period, which means that trademark holders will get ample opportunities to register claims and lock down extensions related to them. For example – Amazon may want to lock down ‘amazon. book.’ It is important to pay for these domains and register them.

Some registrars might also allow pre-registration; however, you are not allowed to register a domain without any trademark claim during the period of 60-days. Once, pre-registration ends, the domains will be available for purchase for business owners, in general. The first period of domain availability started in the end of 2013 and ended in the first month of 2014. After that, a few domains were available throughout the year. When it comes to cost, it may differ according to the availability and extension.