New Google Algo Change (Oct 2012)

So, What is a Google Algorithm Change You Ask?

Good question, periodically, Google tend to optimze its search engine algorithm, to ensure googler-users to get the most relevant, fresh and unique content. Which is exactly why they launched the two biggest algo changes Panda and Peguin, to clean up google results in form of low content and spam.
Every now and then Google submits a few algo changes, and you will probably only notice a few of them. In 2012 google has realsed nearly 30 algorithm changes so far, however the Panda algorithm from 2011 still sticks to our heads like glue.

For an internet marketer, Google is some of the most important there is. As they drive the primary traffic to your website, which eventually makes you a form of profit. I don’t know how hundreds of people can supply themselves mainly from Adsense, as they rely way too much on Google. It is not nothing spectacular to see an innicent webmaster getting banned by Adsense or penalized traffic wise by Google. This is exactly why the Google algo changes are a big deal to people, because they can turn the world upside down for people who rely on traffic from search engines..

Matt Cutts stating a small algo change to affect EMDs

I myself have a few EMDs, however I haven’t noticed any drop in traffic yet, I don’t know If I’m gonna. But for now, I’m gonna place my focus on diversifying my income streams online, to become more independant and to get out of the ‘Big G grip’..

If you want to read an article about diversifying, I suggest a great hub about it at HubPages.

What about you? Do you have any Exact-Match-Domain niche sites that got affected by this algo change, whether or not, feel free to leave a comment. 😉