New models of gold crosses and other Christian jewelry

Wearing gold crosses has become a fashion trend in recent times. Regardless of age and gender, people are purchasing Christian jewelry and wearing them around in style. Earlier, wearing Christian rings and other jewelry was only for spiritual reasons. People who are very spiritual and want to show off their faith used to purchase rings and chains. However, things have changed a lot. Today, Christian jewelry is not only a spiritual aspect but also a fashion trend. College students love to wear gold crosses to enjoy the enticing style offered by the jewelry. While there are hundreds of designs, it is not easy to choose one good product. Here are some of the new and unique models of Christian crosses and other spiritual jewelry.

Bottonnee cross pendant
This amazing design makes this cross an incredibly magnificent choice for a pendant. Carved in 14K white gold, the design enhances your personality in a great way. These gold crosses remind you of the enduring love of Jesus Christ while offering the elegant charm to your jewelry. The incredible shine on the design makes you stand out of the crowd. Moreover, this Christian jewelry is inexpensive and can be afforded by most people.

Bible pendant with Lord’s prayer
A new and unique model of gold crosses is this Bible pendant with an inscription of the Lord’s Prayer inside the pendant. This yellow gold pendant offers a true art which can be cherished for a long time. The Lord’s Prayer in King James Version is engraved on two sides of the inside of the gold pendant of this Christian jewelry. In addition, there is a lock to secure the pendant when it is not open. While you are always reminded of the power of prayer, the beauty and charm adds up to the importance of gold crosses.

Holy Spirit dove pendant
The Holy Spirit dove pendant is a fascinating model among these gold crosses category. A beautiful dove is crafted in a 14 yellow gold metal to hang on your chain in style. While the design offers an increased elegance to your personality, there is a greater essence of wearing this Christian jewelry. This design reminds you of the Holy Spirit God promised by Jesus. When the Holy Spirit God is always with us, there is nothing to fear. However, as you wear this dove pendant, it is also important to be closer to the Holy Spirit God in your heart. Wearing gold crosses as a fashion icon will not do any good if your heart is away from the Lord.